Still looking for pilots

Are you guys taking on returning players? Tried hitting you up a message on discord but keeps saying can’t find you

Hi kagrack, returning players are fine. Shoot me an in game mail, I can reply to those on my phone as well. Let’s chat!

We are still actively recruiting. Shoot me a message to find out more!

Twisted-Sin’s recruitment is still open :slight_smile:

We are still looking for more pilots to join us

Recruitment still open. Come chat with us!

Hey all, we are still very much so looking for some more players to join us in Tenerifis. Come talk with us in TSG-PUB in-game.

Recruitment still open. We can help you learn what is needed if you have the willingness and drive. Just need 5mil sp. Come chat with us!

Recruitment is still open.

Still recruiting

We are still looking to recruit some new blood.

Looking for people willing to PvP, and if you’re interested, help with industrial stuff as well.

Join TSG-PUB to talk with us.

Still looking! Come say hi

Applications are still being accepted.

We are still looking for more members. Join TSG-PUB to chat with us.

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