Business is good. Come and get your share!

Take advantage of our contracting system to finance your op today!

We have updated our contract request form for more items and easier use. Thanks to all you hard working contractors!

We have expanded to Gallente space! Since April 2017 T-CAM has experienced steady growth and we can finally say we have a presence in all of Empire. This is all thanks to the quiet professionals that have participated in our contracting system; the miners. You have surpassed our expectations and forced us to adapt. You are the engine that runs New Eden. We are honored to serve you. Thank you.

LEX ///

…and we are working on our J-space expansion. We have many opportunities not only for industrialists, but combat pilots aswell. Join a corp with a solid economic footing, content creation and experience.

Recruitment is open

Looking for curious minds.

Looking for new and old casual players. Come make isk!

Tired of flying alone? Need a little support in New Eden. Join us!

We have access to both lowsec and highsec moon ore. Come mine with us.

Our cluster wide market presence mean opportunity in the form of courier contracts too. Check out our extensive buy back program. Come fly with us and our blues. Lowsec isn’t so scary.

Still looking for guys and gals to fly with!

Take a look at our available courier contracts. Come make isk!

Looking for more. Come make isk!

Are you able to haul 50k m3? We have work for you. Join “Independent Pub”.

great group of guys with a solid way to make money and kill people.

Join us in “T-CAM Public”.

To The Top!!

Ya…good times.
Still looking for chill people to make isk with.

We now have a C2. Come chat with us.