Devblog: EVE Invasion World Tour: Round Four - EVE North

Take a look at this devblog for all you need to know about the next stop on the EVE Invasion World Tour - EVE North!

Read all about it here!



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Thougt of going but I don’t like the traffic. Nice to visit, but lived there too long, nice city though.


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uggg another USA country town ug

It’s really nice to have a convention for Eve online but when people don’t live in Canada it’s kind of hard. Just hope you guys are doing well up there when you in Canada.

Wheee! Looking forward to this.

First time in Canada, and they’re giving me axes to throw. What could possibly go wrong? :smiley:

uh… what? You know Canada isn’t part of the USA, right?

I’d say something, but no. Congratulation on your appointment @Steve_Ronuken


Wow talk about boned… This blog went up just before I could buy tickets, and now they’re all gone. Originally I had made some camping plans that weekend, before I found out that Eve was coming to my neighborhood. If anyone with tickets can’t make it and wants to get rid of their ticket, I’ll pay original price.

Likewise, of any attending devs got some Alpha Player Special Passes to give away, that would be REAL NICE. Might even let you stroke the Impoc.


I love how one of the showcase items for these events is 2v2 PVP. When was the last time small gang could reliably 2v2 without a super fleet getting called in to blob everyone?


They’ve lost their way 100%. Who runs this game now? How many tickets, 50-100, pre-reserved? With a monstrous free 10’s of billion isk gift no doubt for their friends.

Looking forward to this one, great to see it sold out

Is there a special dress code for the Saturday Night Party at Lee’s place?

C - a - n - a - d - a yup its a state of USA :rofl:

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