Devblog: Introducing EVE Portal – 2019 Edition!

Check out this devblog for details on the all new 2019 version of the EVE Portal App - available to download now for free from the App Store and Google Play store!

Read all about it here!


This… Actually looks good. +1

For now…

First issue; If using a virtual keyboard, the login details are obscured so you cannot see the text field

When I got in… This


Nice… but with lags, hangs and not realy fast …

On my Samsung S8 the login screen only shows my username. The password and pincode fields are hidden by de onscreen keyboard… (I see that more people notice this :frowning: )


Looks interesting. Look at all the good work you can get done when you ignore the CSM.


I cannot install it to any of my private android devices, work iPhone works though.


searching the google play store for EvE Online, EvE Online Portal, EvE Portal and EvE Portal 2019 and zero results that are this app. :frowning:


Is this available as a separate APK for people who want to avoid the whole google spyware on their phones?

EDIT: downloaded it via Yalp app, seems to work fine on a first glance.



Looks nice. Although I can’t test the skill queue because I’m alpha


I can add multiple characters on the same account, but not characters from different accounts??

EDIT: So the flow is: authorize for account, add character, logout from account, authorize for different account, add character - but the first character gets removed on logout, so I have to reauthorize and reselect a character every time.

EDIT2: I’m an idiot.

Check the devblog, there is a direct link for the page!

You can

It says this version is not compatible with my device, I got Nokia 1 with Android 9. :sob:

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Samsung A50 works perfect

Yes, just log in another account?

“No Google Play Store Key” :frowning:
No OBB found and no key to try to download…
Pls release the apk without Google CRAP.


This is “walking in stations” all over again. As soon as CCP starts focusing on other things rather than EVE, the game goes down the drain right away.

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Wear OS by Google only?


Can you(devs) add such icons to login screen for at least for first time, to off a sound

OK, I’m an idiot. You have to hit the “switch user” button to switch to a different account - I thought it just switched characters within the same account.