Devblog: Introducing EVE Portal – 2019 Edition!

App is not usable on iPad.
See my screenshots - app is small - I am guessing it is because of wrong resolution.

For those of you who are worried you’re missing out on something because you don’t have the latest and greatest device…

Don’t worry, it doesn’t work on brand-spanking-new 64-bit flagships either:

Same error here… oneplus7T… No Google Play Store Key…can you do something CCP please? Thanks

Just a suggestion, add Planet Interactions management to be able to manage your colony’s and production from the app, thanks. +1

This would be a great app if it was packaged properly and I could actually open it on my phone…

Getting the same play store key/obb error as others have been getting and this app has been out for months. This is a little ridiculous.

Using the iOS app here. It would be useful if the app had a mute capability so that it doesn’t take over your audio when listening to music/podcasts/etc. Right now, podcast audio will stop if I open the app even though I have the audio shut off.

Add some features to the app that make it integrate real-time with the client. Things such as:

  • Interacting with agents
  • Modifying the active fitting
  • Planetary interaction
  • Target management

Let the app be not only a cool off-line companion to Eve, but also an extension of the Neocom. It could be so much more!

Yep, it doesn’t work for me either. The idiots didn’t put in the apk key inside the app, so wtf mates?

Hi, i came back to game after 3 years, and find my self stranded in hostile space. downloaded app and login my chars now here is the suggestion : you could add the feature where we see the current ship fit and cargo contents especially the Fuel bay for caps as my chars are all stuck in space and i dont know if i even have fuel in them, it would be super useful.


your stupid push notification for this crap update woke me up at 6am :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Wow, I’m speechless. You complain that a device you yourself put there woke you up?

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The only STUPID thing i see here is Someone not putting their notifications to SILENT when asleep :slight_smile:

Good Night
Sleep Safe :slight_smile:


*at (almost) all times.

get a job

On Nexus 7, app installs, launching it gives splash screen, says must have at least one account and at least one character, then asks whether sound on or off, I say Off, then app disappears and I get back to tablet home page.

Settings->Apps shows app is installed but not running.


Installed and seems to work ok on Acer tablet model B3-A40.

Pretty good app with genuine uses

So far I have a couple of suggestions: -

Landing page should be the character select sheet (aka the character overview)
hitting the “back” soft key on the phone should always land you at the character select screen before it asks to exit the app.
Remove the function of “swipe to remove account” It’s REALLY not a function that needs to be so easy to accidentally use.
To add a character
1. Log into account
2. add character
3. return the user to the log into account screen automatically
as others noticed, its a little confusing where it leaves you when you want to add multiple characters.

Is this already dead again?

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It works on my wife’s RCA tablet. How much longer until the update to fix the skill names and descriptions come out?

On ipad if you try to fill in the isk field of jita plex buy or sell orders this doesn’t allow more than 3 digits. As plex is Priced to a 7 digit nr i can’t use this functionality. :frowning: (bug?)