Devblog: Introducing EVE Portal – 2019 Edition!

I don‘t know if it‘s just me or everybody else as well, but although I commend CCP for this app in general, I think it includes possibly the worst E-Mail implementation I’ve ever seen. (I‘m speaking about the iOS version, in case this makes a difference.)

  1. I can‘t scroll my E-Mail in edit mode. It just doesn‘t work. This alone is a blocking issue, imho.
  2. I can’t paste content into a new E-Mail. Not even plain text. Try to send a link. You have to type or whatever. (Yeah, I know URL shorteners exist, but that‘s not the point. You can’t paste text, that alone is insane. This is a major issue, imho.
  3. I can’t send mails when downtime hits. This is a minor issue, compared to the other ones, but still very unfortunate. Try to imagine not being able to send or receive WhatsApp messages in a fixed time window every day.

I wonder which design decisions lead to the point where you, CCP, ignored any existing UI and UX platform guidelines, every UI kit available, and build the worst E-Mail client in history.

Please fix :wink:

(PS: No hard feelings, although it doesn‘t seem so I‘m trying to help improve the experience.)

I have one big “problem” with that app, I just installed it because I have often time when I can’t use my PC and do daily logins to collect rewards and SP. I thought that that app will let me just log in and do that and what was my surprise when I logged in on my smartphone and there was no such option. For me and I think other ppl that are not chained to a PC, that app is useless! My question is why It’s made that way and will it be corrected/upgraded, whatever to have that functionality ?^^

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Hey guys! Returning player here. Curious if you guys would release an APK of this app for the deGoogled among us.

O7, I would like to have industry control in phone app, do you plan to implement that into Eve Portal or make new app?

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You beat me to it. I don’t necessarily want control of Industry, but I want to monitor my queues, and also track PI (and maybe launch to station?).

I bought PLEX from the Jita market while my character was in Domain (logged out of actual EVE). Pretty cool!

I have a problem with EVE Portal: in the Authorization dialogue I can only select one of the two Characters on the account.

EVE online customer support thinks its a problem with EVE Portal. Also I can login to the character without any problems. Would be great if you can help me out with this problem

I am unable to log on using my iPhone 8

The submit button isn’t clickable

I finally figured it out. The app does not like auto filled passwords saved to LastPass or my keychain. If I interact with the password field manually it worked.