Devblog: Introducing EVE Portal – 2019 Edition!

Looks good and works very fast. I have noticed two issues:

  1. The keyboard obscures the text entry field at the bottom of the survey page.

  2. When switching accounts certain info items in the character sheet are not updated. For example, your second account might show every stat properly except the isk amount will be the one from the first account. It can be other info like the Alliance you are part of, for example, if your characters are in separate alliances. It requires a restart to fix.


YESSS! I can finally buy NewEden store apparel On-The-Go!

Skill queues & EveMail is a good start but this app could do so much more… CCP just released an App with less functionalities that what we already have on app-stores…

Haa nah… other apps dont have New-Eden stores… oc


Because other apps have skill management?

Google Play Store Key? Really? Useless App!


You right, but this one dont have Asset overview, wallet overview, contracts overview, Markets orders, Production jobs, Research jobs, planetary overview, Mining ledgers, Items database overviews, Fitting tools, Loyalty points, WH, Incursions, Kill reports, etc etc

got it?


None of the others have all of those either.

Got it?

this app is incompatible with my j6 samsung android… bleh


Despite the Android version being -in theory- recent enough, Google Play insists the app isn’t compatible with my Samsung A3 either… what are the minimum requirements?


And again no structure attack notification !!!


Nice layout but for now I’ll keep my 15 toons on Evanova… At least there I can see my corporate/personal wallets (of all my corps), as well as PI, routes, fittings, database


“Your device isn’t compatible with this version”

Odd, given this is a fairly new phone. Moto g6.


So – when can we expect the skill queue write API to be exposed via ESI?

None of my devices work…

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Looks great, so I figure I test it on my android. Download is fast and first look and music are promissing, but then comes the login screen.

For security reasons I use a password generator, so all my passwords look very very weird and that gave me a hard time putting them in it seems. The app was not accepting my typed pass and since you cannot see what you type…… I had no idea if I made errors. Decided to type the pass in another app, copied and then pasted it into the app, but it was refused. No typo’s there and no extra spaces or the like copies when I pasted in the other app.

Not sure how the app handles the / \ ! @ # $ % ^ etc signs, since they are different than on a pc.

Will wait a bit for a next test :slight_smile:

It requires Android 5 and up. My device is Android 9 and not compatible. Yes, this is definitely a CCP app


None of my android devices accept that app as an installable one … your app requires probably the latest bestest expensivest shiniest bling phone there is with the latest buggiest heaviest CPUexpensivest bloatestest (omg did I just type TEST) OS version there can be … which is a bit lame tbh. For now, my phone is in blackout, delayed mode. CCPlease !

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Just for ya

Neocom II for EVE Online by Artem Shimanski

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May I ask when it will be fixed for Android phones and tables? I have tried on all three of my devices and it only tells me my device is incomparable? Any chance on a time line for a fix?

More Toxic Waste.

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I’d actually buy a smartphone to play Eve Mobile. So long as the microtransactions were kept in check and don’t run overboard, it’d be awesome. Mobile gaming might well be the future for EVE.

Awesome! I like the new features. However it certainly needs a lot more polishing and QA, during the first 5 minutes I have identified the following issues on the iPhone version of the app:


  • Some evemails that had read status in the client were fronted as new in the app
  • Read status did not updated properly on the Home tab until after a while
  • Read status did not update properly on the switch characters tab, ever

Adding characters

  • The keyboard will obscure the login code entry after switching back from the mail app to read it
  • Twice I’ve had 404 errors when adding new chars, not sure if that’s in the app or not

Skill queue

  • When reordering the skill queue the training is paused automatically, not like in the in-game queue where it continues running, which I almost missed
  • Even so, despite the red paused indicator, the training time display kept ticking down
  • After reordering the skills, I was unable to scroll the skill queue

So, promising development commitment and feature set but lacking QA. A bit miffed but I hope for continued development and a serious step up in commitment to quality!