Done, please delete

done please delete

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I was looking for a good gif of that…You are my new favorite person here…

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Train recon and quit whining.


How about you shut up and stop wasting my time, I don’t care about the cyno changes but only pointing out the obvious so we can get what we all know is going to happen in a couple months over with so we can all get back to playing the game instead of figuring out how to play the game before getting activity back on track for players.

Everyone knows that cyno should have been nerfed anyways because being able to literally use any throw away ship to light a cyno is as broken as shattered frozen ■■■■ from the get go but limiting us to using only two types of ships, even if it is more balanced is just killing activity in this game as players are finally coming back from waiting out the BLACKOUT now they are severely limited to actually get back to playing.

People are going to be figuring things out and complaining about it for months and we all know they are probably going to roll back the nerf so at least a few more ships can use cyno and increasing the availability for content to be created.

I am sick of tired of CCP and Eve’s players wasting time complaining and figuring out what works and doesn’t work, at this point I would rather skip the dog and pony show and point everyone in the only exit that leads us to getting back on track playing and having fun.

CCP gets the cash flowing again and we can all go back to playing the game as broken as it is better than waiting around for months and months for the inevitable rollbacks to changes that go too far too soon.

What is important now is what CCP can learn from all of this moving forward, they tried some things, made mistakes. Now they can learn something useful for their next ideas going forward when they make changes with a better plan in the future.

For the players, we just want to end the zombie apocalypse so we can go out and have fun again getting business back to usual.


Exactly, eve is a game that gets you addicted to it when you find something in it that really hooks you. Yet, it is also a game that can easily cause you to get burnt out. Moderation is key so as to keep tolerances to having fun low but when your not having fun, you lose the addiction.

Going forward we should refer to BLACKOUT as BURNOUT and the era of chaos as the era of zero entropy (get it, because nobody is playing while waiting out BLACKOUT and now content generation has got it’s biggest nerf in this game’s history.

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