DREAM Endeavor & DREAM Manifest - War Eligible and War Non Eligible Corps - Best of Both Worlds...Come Fly with us!

We offer our members 2 very distinct play styles via our Corps:

Dream Endeavor - Non War Eligible Corp Focused on Indy/Mining/PVE with some PVP activities
Dream Manifest - War Eligible Corp with PVP Focus

Members can have pilots in each corp.

We encourage you to join our discord to speak directly to us if interested - DREAM Discord

Our goal is to keep you playing and engaged in the game and hope you enjoy it as much as we do

We are here to unwind…not wind up

Lots of returning players who don’t have the time to play null/low/WH but still want to enjoy the game

Social community in game and out. Scheduled Fleets. Dynamic Gameplay. PVP / PVE / Indy / Mining. Team Oriented. Relaxed Environment.

Being in this corp, making the friends I have, and experiencing aspects of EVE I never could before has completely changed the game for me for the better!

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Whose excited about these big in game changes?!?!

Interested in Lowsec? We operate in both High and Low

Come join our Discord to meet the team! DREAM Discord

60% of the time it works every time

Hope everyone is having a good Sunday…its that time…lets play some Eve!