Drone Integration – Comments

Drone Integration – Comments

Comments, remarks and discussions about the story are welcome from everyone :slight_smile: Feel free to have fun with this thread, as long as it’s related to the fictional story and its characters. :slight_smile:

I thought it best to separate it into a separate thread, so that the flow of the main story is preserved.

Link to the story:
Drone Integration - The Story

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A fun poll to see who readers think will turn out to be the bad guy/girl…

  • The hackers who stole information from the extractor months ago.
  • The mining corporation who owned the extractor.
  • Someone working for the mining corporation, but acting independently.
  • Magnus Crusher, the client who seemed to know too much about the situation.
  • Someone or some group not known about yet.
  • Kelly, the new crew member.

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