Dystopian Angels: Who Dares Wins

Dystopian Angels - Founded in 2013

What we offer:

  • Free New Bro Ships

  • Constant PvP Operations and Black Op’s

  • Experienced Fleet Commanders and Almost All Time Zone activity (1700 - 0300) EVE Time daily, looking to expand that.

  • Industrialists for your PvE and Indy needs, moon cracks, belt mining, ship production etc.

  • Wormhole Diving for your Exploration itch, gas huffing, ninja mining, hacking all that good jazz

  • Rich systems and lucrative income methods

  • Training provided for players of all skill levels, there’s always something to learn in such a vast Universe

What we’re looking for:

  • Weekly Active Players

  • New Bro’s or Veterans Welcome

  • Alpha and Omega are accepted

  • Willingness to Learn and Show Initiative

  • Social Corp and regular activity via Discord and in game

About Us:

We’re a small close - knit Corporation that’s based on a care free, but group aligned mindset, meaning we’ll have goals we all want to achieve, and help one another achieve them.

We’ve trained F.C.'s who run fleets in the Imperium as well as Legacy, Black Op’s pilots who fly in Bombers Bar and more.

We’re also an IRL first over EVE Corp, and we support B4R.

What to expect when you join:

  • Camaraderie within the Corporation, we’re always having fun and laughing with each other

  • Tightly run operation, we run on a no nonsense mindset, we focus on an objective and we achieve it, no faffing around.

  • PvP and Industry geared mindset, cohesive operations

  • We’re part of the CLDEX Alliance, currently lowsec and highsec based, aiming for Null.

  • We prefer small gang fights or nano fleets with the crew, we learn together we fight together, we die together and with fireworks.

  • We like anime? And meme’s?

  • Dark humour and sci-fi nerdiness is a must

Our Zkill: Dystopian Angels | Corporation | zKillboard (We like to laugh at our losses too)

Our Discord: The D.A. | Come drop us a message, or ask questions

In Game Channel: The D.A.

Contacts: Shadow Asuna | Borath Helenite | Moralez Improved | Akira Eldrax

Youtube: sneaky Rattlesnake - YouTube | dunkin brave - YouTube | Leshak kill - YouTube

We look forward to hearing from you, remember to fly it like you stole it o7

Recruitment is open, and zkill is looking juicy, got a nice kill a short while ago.

Hoping to get some new bro’s along on fleets to learn.

Bump, we’re still recruiting

Bump, we’re still recruiting, here’s a meme

Boop boop, here’s some more fleet stuff we’ve done

Bump, we’re recruiting, looking for more industry and PvP focused players of all skill levels

Beep boop are you looking for an active Corp with mature and friendly people? Come Fly with The D.A.

Come pew pew with us:

More pew pew:

Spankings continue:

Solo spankings:

Sometimes we lose too:

Beep boop, we’re still recruiting and on our feet

Still open to recruiting

Boop boop open to people who like anime, meme’s and shitpost content, as well as those looking for fun fleets


Looking for active funny people who like to pew pew, chew roids and shoot the shyte in comm’s

We love to pew pew our war targets, come join us and help get in on the fun.

All the pew pew

Some losses today too, which was fun

Still recruiting, and looking for equally active and fun people

Some kills and some losses, good times tonight