Eclipse Innovations [Vastly Outnumbered] - Multiple Roles Open! [Lowsec][Mining/PvP]

Looking forward to seeing you in-game!

Come be part of something greater. Become part of Eclipse Innovations!

Recruiting miners, both new and old!

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Eclipse provides everything you need in order to shoot rocks!

Recruiting miners, both new and old!

Our ore operations ar expanding. Be a part of something great!

Come join!

Looking for friendly miners? Look no further

My army of alts is interested, out of curiosity what’s the closest trade hub to your main operations? I like to stay near Jita if possible.

Eve-mail sent

Looking for a growing corp ready to support your asteroid-breaking habit? Then eclipse is the corp for you!

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Don’t be shy, apply today!

Seeking to increase your yield? Join Eclipse!

Eclipse, always looking for new miners!

Shooting rocks or ships, doesn’t matter! Join Eclipse

Mining fleets constantly active!

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