EFT (Eve Fitting Tool) for Onslaught

(JonahVark) #41

You are a diamond geezer! :heart_eyes:

(Crystalline Entity) #42

I’m being thick, where is the download for the new version?

(Tonto Auri) #43

In the OP, as always.

Although it does not let me download the file. fixed, thanks!

(Jimy F) #44

thanks you :slight_smile: very appreciated for update, there are also new “eros” implants with bonus to webs, if you could add this, would be nice :slight_smile:

(JonahVark) #45

Noticed the Mid-Grade Nomad Delta isn’t listed in the implants.

(Crystalline Entity) #46

Any update yet to EFT?

(Peter Han) #47

A new update has been released, reflecting all of the changes relevant to ships and modules made in the March release. Included are entosis reworks, many ship rebalances, the Monitor, and the new stasis webifier implants and ballistic control modules. Several minor bugs were also corrected, and the attribute file was cleaned up which may help with intermittent issues involving missing implants.

(Hirmuolio Pine) #48

BTW you can edit thread titles. Arms Race was some time ago.

(Rosov Aulmais) #49

Welcome back!

(DeMichael Crimson) #50

Hi, it’s been a while since I last accessed EFT. I downloaded the new update in your OP and I see the new Assault Frigate changes have been added. However it seems the Jaguar is missing the addition of it’s drone bay.

Drone Capacity = 20 m³
Drone Bandwidth = 10 MBit/sec

(Hairpins Blueprint) #51

Dope stuff man! Just please move command rigs from electronic to energy grid

(Roggvir Valekaani) #52

some things ive noticed - whiptail is missing and limited edition battleships (state raven etc … cannot fit mjds or grapplers)

(Hirmuolio Pine) #53

Updated my small EFT tool https://github.com/Hirmuolio/EFT-ESI-importer
Now written in python and with some basic error handling.

This script will import your character skills and implants from ESI API to your EFT.
You just log in to your characters once and after that it will import them all in single click.

On first runs it will also import bunch of skill names. This can take a while but those are saved locally so that doesn’t happen again.

(Peter Han) #54

EFT has been updated for the May 2018 release, adding the Praxis and fixing issues with the Jaguar and Marshal.

(Mr Digs) #55

Great update.

Thank you for your contribution to the EVE community.

(Onslaughtor) #56

Hey, just updated and noticed that the Gnosis is missing from the ship list. Not sure if its still there hidden or something.

Besides that, I am so happy someone is giving EFT love, your amazing. Thanks.

(Chan'aar) #57

For some reason (probably technical and not simple to solve) the SOCT ships are not grouped in with other ships of that class.

So there are two destroyer, battlecruiser and battleship groups. One of them just has the SOCT ship in. Easy to miss.

(William Hazard) #58

Thank you for the update.

Anyone has a solution to import toons since the end of the API ? I can’t make the firs one working on Win7 (EFT ESI importer => unable to run script on this computer), and i don’t understand how make the python script work.; =/

(Serg Sinist) #59

Can you create a ESI skill importer without need Developer account for tokens. And explain how to run

(Hirmuolio Pine) #60

It would probably be possible to make it work without needing to register as developer. But the login would be valid for 20 minutes only so you would need to do the whole log in and code copying every time you wanted to import skills. I also haven’t done that kind of thing before so I’m not completely sure how it works.

With the currently used system the login stays valid without time limit so once you have logged in you can just run the script without doing anything else.

CCP has said that they are working on implementing some kind of system that would make authentication easier on desktop applications.