EFT (Eve Fitting Tool) for Onslaught

(Peter Han) #103

I have uploaded a new version in the OP which fixes two bugs. One issue was an access violation which sometimes occurred with the Agency boosters, and the other caused Entropic Disintegrator charges to appear as valid options for Heavy Assault Missile Launchers.

(elitatwo) #104

Oh cheers man, I was just about to write about the agency booster thing.

(DeMichael Crimson) #105

Just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work at keeping EFT active.

(elitatwo) #106

May I make a wish and wish for remote rep values to be added in the future?

EFT has the values for mining, so why not also add remote repair values for logistics as well?

(Intigo) #107

This is still very appreciated btw, Peter Han - props for putting in the work

(Kjan) #108

You sit in highsec war deccing unsuspecting, non threatening alliances. After searching through 100 pages of kills i have yet to find one kill outside of highsec. You primarily kill Pods, frigates, noob ships, shuttles, and indies (in that order) in a legion. Literally 5000+ of your kills are pods lmao… You are garbage. Stop bragging about how awesome you are for not needing a fitting tool to figure out how to kill frigs and pods with a T3.

(Cypr3ss Deteis) #109

You’re responding to a nearly 2 year old post… have u been searching KBs or building your rage all this time?


(Yellowstar Smasher) #110

Any update in the box for april patch ?

(Mersoketeer) #111

Also looking forward to datafiles updates for latest balance pass :slight_smile: