[ELTC.] English community focused Fraternity 0.0 and WH corp is recruiting

Sometimes I come here because I miss @Rar_Fox so much.
I keep sending him funny me me’s and sad love songs to get his attention but he never replies.
Maybe I have grown less funny or he has grown more distant. (likely the latter because I am a pretty cool dude).

This was us on our last holiday in the Venal Alps.

I bumped your threat, please respond. I am so lonely.

@Luwc We miss you like England missed their penalties last night! Come back so we can give more group cuddles in the Venal alps. PS Rar says he loves you too.

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Daily bump

another bump
come join us
stop by the discord or public channel and have a chat

stop by and have a chat we may be what your looking for

Roll up roll up get your applications in now

Loads of fun stuff going on at the moment, got some exciting projects in the pipeline to help our members make lots of isk. Good time to join!

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Chop chop still recruiting

As well as looking for our usual 0.0 pilots we now are recruiting dedicated wormhole pilots so if you enjoy WH pvp and that lovely lovely sleeper loot to make billions get in touch.

Bump, taking in war refugees too :stuck_out_tongue:

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bump bump

come and have a chat if your looking for a close group of active players.

we do all sorts in eve small and large scale pvp, some of the best ratting space in the game and a WH

we have our own moons to mine and plenty of industry options

Morning everyone, now is a great time to join our amazing community. If you like having friends to jump on comms with while you play eve we’re your corp.

im interested

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Hop on our discord and we can have a chat @Protocol3

Daily bump - massive fight the other day and now is a great time to be involved - Battle Report Tool

Bump still recruiting especially a few dedicated WH guys.

Daily bump. Making lots of nice WH isk and no more blue donut so it’s a great time to enjoy the fun.

Daily bump, need more of you for fun times!

bump bump

still looking for people to join us.
we are also looking for wormolers :slight_smile: