[EU/UK] Blood Blind - Industrial Piracy in Non Bloc Null Sec

Still recruiting those who want to experience nullsec outside of the big blocs!

Morning! Still recruiting.

Still recruiting new pilots!

Morning! Still recruiting new pilots!

G’day! Still recruiting after a weekend break!

Still looking for pilots!

Still recruiting.

Still recruiting.

Still recruiting. Complete with random AI Logo/artwork now for no real reason \o/

Still recruiting.

Morning! Still looking for pilots to join a neutral NS alliance, build stuff, shoot stuff and generally enjoy the NS experience!

Still Recruiting!

Morning! Still recruiting. Looking for budding industrialists who like to protect their space, shoot some ships and generally understand that its null sec and pvp is a part of living in this space.

Still recruiting!

Morning! Still recruiting.

Still recruiting,

Still recruiting.

Still recruiting.

Still recruiting

Hello there! I can’t apply through your website and the discord is expired T-T

Relatively new bro, started last year for a few months but got bored of solely Indy and gave up. I’m looking for a more PvP focused corp to join this time round.

Can dedicate time most days, EUTZ, willing to learn the way of PvP and train the appropriate skills to help the corp.

It keeps of giving me ‘internal error’ every time I auth on the website