[EU/US] - Mature / No War / High-sec PVE / Mining / Industry Corp / PvP sprinkled in (participation in public NPSI fleets) / Free BPO library worth 8b / new & returning players / ║███░L░O░A░D░I░N░G░ Alliance is recruiting like minded corps

Hey there i’m in the eve universe for a month now. Before I played WoW for like 10years.

Getting started in Eve can be a tough thing. After the first tutortial and the epic arc there’s a good chance that you get totally lost in space and somehow loose your path. Or you don’t even know that there could be anything like a path inside this game :wink:
Fortunately I got in contact with this corp, and they helped me out about everything.
There are newbros like me and veterans who seem to know everything about eve and don’t hesitate to share their knowlege.
We got smaller and bigger events like every week for all the activities you might be interested in. The veterans take you by the hand and simply show you how things work.
Big Thanks to Blackbear and the rest of the crew!

See you all in space o7

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I have some questions, do you guys have a discord or in game chat I could join to ask them?

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Like what I see, can you give me some more info ?

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Do you guys happen to have a Discord I could join?

20 of us online come chat with us

Hi, Long time eve player looking for something different, I’ve refreshed my own recruitment thread. How close do you guys come to this?

Also where are you based?

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Joined up, Seems like a chill, fun group of players!

Hey thanks for saying that.

I encourage anyone on the fence to join up and try us out or put an alt in and see what we’re all about.

we are starting a worm hole dive team within the corp, anyone interested in joining / teaching some rookie pilots worm hole exploration please get in touch

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Great guys, great Corp and a very social Alliance. Highly recommend them if you are looking for a high sec home. Big up :smile:

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thank you for saying that Fyr, you’re a stand up guy.

Just to add a few comments on here. The corp is very supportive in whatever you are interested in doing, be it joining a WH dive team, mining a moon, or just running missions on your own. I see basic questions such as how does this work, or any suggestions to improve my ship fit up to very detailed questions being answered in our corp and alliance chat. I am rather new to the game, and I find it very interesting to watch as the veterans talk about trying something new after 10 years in game and are learning from each other. (and sometimes having a good friendly debate over which option is better). My simple point is that this corp, and our larger alliance are not just for new players, not simply veterans only, but a true casual community of like minded gamers who enjoy playing Eve and helping each other. if this sounds like you, or if you wish you had this in your gaming experience come give us a try.

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Been with CP for a little over a month now and what can i say? Just a great bunch of corpmates who are all more than willing to help out whenever and wherever! You cannot go worng if you join this corp. Hope to see y’all soon! Fly safe.

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Have Joined CP for a month or so ago, and its a great place, with helpful people, and a lot of interest in making content for the Corporation and alliance, in all aspects of the game… if you dont know where to go, or how to play, hit us up in Celestial Precision, and come join the fun :slight_smile:

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Hi there!

I have joined only very recently but it seems like this corp is a great bunch. Happy to help and answer all your newbie (and advanced) questions. I am learning a lot and I am sure guys here will help me to increase my ISK income plus looking forward to all the fun! Big plans and happy days ahead! :wink:
Have fun :wink:

hi, I am pretty new to EVE but CP have been fantastic. They have taught me so much and are a great corporation to be apart of. The support has been tremendous and they have made this game very enjoyable. They put up with all my questions in a positive manner and are very good at guiding new players. I look forward to my EVE journey with this corp .

This is my third time returning to EVE since 2007. I was recently talking about that in Rookie Chat, and next thing I know CESTP member Knuffle PM’d me inviting me to Celestial Precision. Very kind and helpful folks here. I hope to stay active in New Eden this time. Lone wolfing it has not worked out for me in the past, so I am trying out a corp in hopes of staying in it more this time. So thanks for the invite, and welcome to those thinking of joining…go ahead, give it a try. o7

I’ve been playing off and on since 2013, having jumped around a few corps and these guys are a super friendly and helpful bunch. They’ve taken me in with open arms and they’ve been answering all my stupid manufacturing questions and guiding me through the process.

My suggestion, if you’re interested in mining, manufacturing, exploration or doing your own thing while chilling with a cool bunch of people, go ahead and give Celestial Precision a shout.

Great bunch of guys and extremely helpful. Come and join us, you won’t regret it!!

still looking!