[EU/US] Overly Aggressive Scouts - Recruiting new players and guiding you into small gang PvP

Hi there, we are a null-sec corporation, looking for English speaking players to join us for small-medium scale PvP activities, with a particular focus on black ops and cloaky ships. We offer many opportunities for our new players, including a nice chunk of Null Sec to make some isk from, our SRP (ship replacement program) which ensures you don’t lose out financially if your ship is destroyed, and our Skill-Up program for newer players, which is where we subsidise Skill Injector purchases after your first 3 months, ensuring you get to the bigger, blingier (not sure that’s a word, but it sounds awesome) ships faster.

We’re also part of an alliance, and by extension a coalition, that we work extremely closely with. This means that there is a place for almost anyone, in any timezone should you stop enjoying our PvP activities.

We use Teamspeak for Voice Communications, so we would encourage you to obtain a microphone before applying, as it makes communication much easier in an alliance.

Thanks for your time, and I hope to hear from some of you guys soon! If you want to contact me, I’m available in-game as “Yuon Sunji”, or contact me on discord at “thefeder#6747”

I’d sorta be interested except for the above. Plus you don’t give any details of who you are or who you are associated with.

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By design I’m afraid. However, I can tell you we are not members of any of the major power blocs, so we’re not imperium, test etc.

And given sufficient research on my history, I’m sure you can make an educated guess.

I’m happy to discuss in detail by PM though, so feel free to message me in-game.