🇬🇧 [EU/US] READY TO KILL SOME PIRATES? Join the Police Force! A friendly&relaxed group, NO OBLIGATIONS - PVE/PVP in small/med gang to enjoy EVE

I LOVE YOU guys!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Thanks for all the help.

UStz bump ::wink:

Newbro here - couple of months into the game and really benefitted from flying with NEPF. Experienced and patient team that trains new players in flying with a fleet - much quicker than learning alone, plus you get to put corp ships at risk rather than your own :slight_smile:

The anti-ganking missions are great and there’s a bunch of other corp-generated content with regular fleets to run escalations, explore wormholes and join the time-limited events.

Low stress corp, real life comes first. Come be the yin to the gankers yang - let’s keep on ruining this game for each other :rofl:


Circa YC 106 Pirates were more scarce than they are today but they struck more fear in the hearts and minds of the inhabitants of New Eden. The latest acts of villainy were always topics of discussions across the known worlds. This led to many a tall tale which in turn led to a bigger than life idea of what pirates were. Sparked by fascination and a desire to become as famous and feared, countless pilots turned to a life of piracy. Some have come close but never quite reached that level. Today we are faced with an over abundance of pirates and pirate wannabes. This is why I have joined the New Eden Police Force to lend a hand where I can to reduce the numbers of this growing infestation. As a former pirate myself this is my way to make amends to all those I have wronged. (Not to mention that since there are more pirates, there are more targets to shoot) Great bunch of guys that are fun to fly with.


Thanks to you guys, you are the heart of the corp :star_struck:

Amen bratha :sunglasses:

Extream server lag forced us to call off the fleet after a great fight vs all criminal gila, wolf, rapier and Nergal, we managed to aprehend the wolf with minimal loss, a great fight in a very tight situation :sunglasses:

Ps. yes we talk like that 'cause we can :grin:

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Thank you Captain :policeman: :sunglasses:

Bumpidy Bump Bump :+1:

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Thanks Bratah’ :sunglasses: :muscle:

Join us now to be in time for this weekend’s AG fleet training!

Great kill on the patrol last night , well done new people , one enemy freighter down …

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The law… Huh… Don’t see the law much around Verge Vendor. They know that’s Stay Frosty territory, a pirate’s paradise. “Do what you will.” is the only law here.

You make the jump from Jufvitte into Oueletta, and we’ll see whose in charge…


Also, vote Rixx Javix!

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Yar, yer a pirate, Harry

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