:parrotwave1: EU/US [SBBAL] Short Bus Ballaz expanding "chillin and killin"

Want to consistently go head to head with the largest groups in the game? We can do that and win

Good morning/good evening for our us and au Bros. Would be great to add some au Broski’s we’ve got a few that are looking for more guys to pew with.

We have people who like to solo roam delve. Anyone is more then welcome to do join him.

Rorqual saves are a daily part of our lives and damn I will say we’re pretty good bait. Come take part in the cap droppings :poop:

Can confirm epic people right here

PVP always happening

Got a lot going on within the EU/US timezones. Check us out if you’re down for some PVP always.

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Enjoyed roaming Deklein and killing some things earlier. Join us!