:parrotwave1: EU/US [SBBAL] Short Bus Ballaz expanding "chillin and killin"

Want to consistently go head to head with the largest groups in the game? We can do that and win

We have people who like to solo roam delve. Anyone is more then welcome to do join him.

Rorqual saves are a daily part of our lives and damn I will say we’re pretty good bait. Come take part in the cap droppings :poop:

Can confirm epic people right here

PVP always happening

Got a lot going on within the EU/US timezones. Check us out if you’re down for some PVP always.

Enjoyed roaming Deklein and killing some things earlier. Join us!

US and EU bros having fun roaming just as a corp in small gang. Join us if you’d like to partake in the fun.

Like being part of nice fleet kills and battles? come join the fray with SBBAL

whoop whoop it’s da sound of da police

quick short easy roam last night. Join us for more info o7

Been gate camping all day just killing stuff.

Random ■■■■ on another roam last night.

dude tried to bomb dread a carrier and we had the kitchen sink fleet two jumps out. :joy:

We added over 20billion isk worth of kills to our killboard yesterday alone. You want that? join us

Xtra Squishy lol brought some fun the other night again in a HAW fit nag. Doing the usual and proceeded to kill him properly.

Hell of a fun brawl some members of ours went on against AOM in Omist. GF

Also had a huge hilarious kill fest roaming against INIT yesterday in harpy’s against Jackdaws.

If you’re into gate camping at all we do that too and quite frequently we get on some pretty nice killmails.

If you pull all nighters and are up early in the morning we always have content brewing in basically every timezone.

Easy 2 bil on the board.

Basically free cap kills for your killboard. ngl it’s pretty nice