🔴 [EU/USA] High Sec PVE / Mining corp with pvp sprinkled in. Alliance: 'Loading' looking for like minded corps

I am very interested in joining your Corp, I currently play with just a few friends, but they are not always on. I have been playing for a few months and really getting into it. I’ll message you in game later today.

hey, I would be happy to have you. Your friends can come too.

These guys are cool. If you are a new player and wanting to learn industry in high sec with a very social alliance and great atmosphere then look them up.
Seriously… do it :grinning:

Thanks Fyr!

I’m a returning player who’s been playing solo since I started and I’m definitely interested in joining up and being part of a team. I’m basically looking to continue mining and try out some hauling and industry if you’re still looking for recruits.

I guess my only issue is distance as I’m in the Gekutami region, so relocating might be a bit of an issue. Either way I’m still interested and can figure out the logistics later.

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Hello future friends