They wanted to experience lowsex and we replied, come right on.

Was a good corp when they flew with me in Molden Heath. Give em a look.


But lowsex was broken, and it wasnt the same feeling as other sexes, but they kept recruiting.


New and improved, still looking for you you you.


Still open.

Join in on a lot of hot and spicy action, you know you want 2!

Always looking.

Open for recruitment.

Open for recruitment. Fun is calling!

Join in on the fun!

Still open.

Even Aussies are made welcome!. Been here a week or so, 150 kills plus, plenty of action. Great Team. Come check us out.

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Still open for recruitment.

Still open.

Git it while its hot!

Recruitment open again!

Cookies are not… cake. Still…

Back to it!