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C4s C3s C1s we got it all baby.

Eve Horizons and Zero Gravity Inc. invite you to redefine your Eve experience, become an associate.

What is an associate?

  • An individual with a subordinate membership in our organization.
  • A permanent resident of EHMS and ZGI (Zero Gravity Incorporated)
  • A beneficiary of all physical and digital amenities provided by EHMS and ZGI
  • A middle management administrator in training

What are some of the benefits of becoming an associate?

  1. Revolutionary Training Academy – easy, fast, efficient, sophisticated, unique.
  2. Skyrocketing ISK/H – diversify and enhance your revenue, become a billionaire.
  3. Solid Infrastructure – regulated market, industrial amenities, established militia.
  4. Advancement – from day one, all associates are continuously groomed for upper management; you will be competing against your peers for position and power.
  5. Permanent 1% tax rate – you keep what you earn, and earn what you work for.
  6. Family – we form ever lasting memories and bonds
  7. Zero Witch-Hunts – zero consequences in the absence of proof beyond reasonable doubt; our associates are heavily invested in our corporation, and deserve to have a fair and impartial justice system. We implemented the tribunal with optional jury.
  8. Multi-platform – while the primary focus is Eve, we encourage multi-platform activities; take your corp mates with you anywhere on the internet or real life.
  9. Unique Entertainment – we constantly brainstorm and deliver it to you in bulk.
  10. Gladiator Arena – yes, we’re that cool, yes, it’s as good as it sounds, no, you cannot bring your carrier.

How do associates enjoy themselves? Here’s your starter package!

  • Hunt alone or in well coordinated fleets.
  • Learn how to track, bait and trap your prey and its friends.
  • Tap into the ridiculously rich resources of wormholes by mining and building.
  • Explore juicy data and relic sites while also keeping an eye out for those unsuspecting whales (you’ll know one when you see it).
  • Get your hands on hundreds of millions worth of isk, blue loot fever is real.
  • Embark on available mercenary spec-ops, get dank killmails.
  • Hang out in comms, fraternize with your corp mates
  • Join drunk fleets, endure the awful music tracks picked by your friends.
  • Impress your friends by participating at our adrenaline pumping gladiator games.
  • When possible, become an intern and learn the ropes for your future career.
  • Visit our second staging area, poke for fun our aussie comrades from ZGI
  • Have a good laugh by visiting our comedy club for the mentally challenged.
  • Do Jita runs, and look for trouble along the way. Hint, wardecs go both ways.
  • Get creative, come up with fun ideas and pitch them to upper management.
  • Don’t be selfish, if you’re having a blast, bring your friends from other corps!

What to include in your application before submitting it.

Please answer each of the following questions in your application.

There are no right or wrong answers.

  • How much is ISK per hour do you make on average?
  • What can you bring to the table to help us improve?
  • If you had one minute to sell me a glass of water or to sell yourself, which one do you pick?
  • Are you able to learn and be coached?
  • What are your preferred methods of learning between reading, watching, listening, and doing? (Pick two).
  • What is is your academic background, and what do you want to do for a living?
  • Name five things about yourself you’d enjoy changing.
  • Do you have any valuable contacts in your network? If so, name five of them.
  • In how many languages can you speak fluently?

We look forward to hearing from you. Applications can be sent ingame @ Eve Horizons Medical Solutions, @Mike_Voxmern, @Cerberus Page, or any available Talent Acquisition Officer.

Visit https://evehorizons.wordpress.com/

Also check us out at https://www.facebook.com/evehorizons/

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