EvE is dying

It would mind if they removed Call of Duty full stop.

Gotta start somewhere I guess. Is this forum your practice for Reddit?

Plot twist: one of them has an e-bean.

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There is an expressin “Better an e-bean than an e-mean!” :smiley: well, there is now. :slight_smile:

Hi guys, I had to remove a couple posts here because they were just waaaay too off topic and not really contributing to the topic. Maybe a private convo is the better option sometimes? Thanks!


Eve won’t die as long as there are players like me that still have a lot of things they want to do in the game - but, my God, CCP you need to realize you are on the wrong track and need to change something. The player counts are as low as I’ve seen them.

You can only ‘fix’ things for so long. Eventually you have to introduce something new! Does anyone really think that changing strategic cruisers will bring more players to the game? All it’s going to do is piss someone off who’s game is nerfed (HK’s) that decides to give up the game. Changes to moon mining may introduce conflict drivers and may be good, but again, is it going to add players or bring players back?

The “Null or Never” game direction has to change to a more balanced view of the playerbase. I get it - null powerblocks are important and must be served – but not to the exclusion of every other space. Assign a dev and an outreach ambassador to high-sec, low-sec, FW and WH’s. Do SOMETHING for those areas instead of trying to force them to move to NS.

Please learn from the Rorqual fiasco! Whoever at CCP pushed for it to be completely overpowered in the face of dissent should write a post-mortem of the lesson learned so other devs don’t make the same mistake.

Don’t treat your customers with a “The door is that way” attitude when you are forced to nerf something for overall game health. Give some sugar with the medicine.

Rethink your mantra that you want players to control/build/own everything. There’s a reason all societies have had a God, and anarchy has never succeeded.

Most importantly: Please be working on something new! If you don’t have a designer who can think of something new then hire somebody who can.

Finally get over your “We’re not going to talk about future things because we’re afraid we might be late in delivering it.” You’re not going to have anyone left. GIVE PEOPLE HOPE.

P.S. I love you CCP and your game – I want you to be wildly successful!


I always was curious: how do people create images like these? AFAIK it’s not in character creator?

Well… It’s not the case for me actually. I never cared enough to be influenced by others aggression towards me. For me it was always part of the game.
PvP overall is what made me stay here when i got burned out after years of playing.

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Its artwork from CCP but I GIMPed in my face. :sweat_smile:

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:rofl: contributing in “EvE is dying” thread? :rofl:

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Contributing example :


I don’t trust discobot’s fortune telling abilities, however, I do trust his dice rolls.

Eve is dying: Eve does a saving throw!

@discobot roll 1d20


:game_die: 20




Eve lives to die another day.

Longest alleged death spiral ever…

I mean, pretty much every popular MMO must have that kind of figure after a decent number of years. Total number of people ever to try eve VS people who are currently playing would give you a basic retention rate probably near as extreme as 99% unretained probably worse. I know he said boredom which narrows things in an un-measurable way, but lets face it most people probably do quit eve out of boredom in one way or another. Citation or otherwise it’s a pretty reasonable thing to say…

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“Most people quit EVE” is not an unreasonable statement to make by virtue of the fact that it’s a meaningless statement. Might as well be saying “most people wear shoes”. Der. It’s a niche game. It’s to be expected.

Saying “x% of a thing does a thing” as a premise to a point requires a citation. Sorry, I don’t care how “reasonable” it seems, when you state a percentage as matter-of-factly as that, it needs a citation, otherwise the premise is flawed, and the point is meaningless.

“99% of people” is a common turn of phrase dude, just accept it wasn’t meant literally. Take it to mean “most people” like you know it was meant :black_joker:


EVE is not dying and the player count isn’t shrinking. It’s realizing its potential of catering to the core group of the fifty most hardcore players.