EVE Isk Per Hour Industry Program - Version 4.0


(Caldari Citizen23) #226

This is a silly question, but how do I favorite a blueprint? I tried the “Save BP” button but that doesn’t add it to favorites

(Noman Mullet) #227

so when i try to download prices from CCP data for a specific system with single select or price profile under price settings it either doesn’t work or the prices are wrong. trying for 1DQ1-A in delve specifically. is it broken?

(Zifrian) #228

Right click the item in the manufacturing list or go to edit -> manage blueprints to set it.

(Zifrian) #229

If there are no public stations (I assume there aren’t) then it won’t have any data. Ever since Ccp changed outposts to Upwell structures, prices are unavailable. I’m working in getting prices from public upwells, but there are all sorts of issues with that too. Being able to pull prices easily from structure markets should be easier but it’s not. I’ll do what I can.

(Caldari Citizen23) #230

I only get three options when I right click on an item in the manufacturing list: view market history, add to shopping list, and ignore blueprint. I found the alternate way, so at least I can do that. Do you get the same three options when your right click in the manufacturing list window, or am I cursed?

Thank you for the reply

(Zifrian) #231

Oh no it’s not there. I think that’s a long standing feature I want to add and haven’t yet.

(Liang Sir) #232

I cant open IPH, every time i open it the program will shut down when “updating industry system indicies”, please help
Source: EVE Isk per Hour
Message: An error occurred creating the form. See Exception.InnerException for details. The error is: 未将对象引用设置到对象的实例。
Raw Error Text: System.InvalidOperationException: An error occurred creating the form. See Exception.InnerException for details. The error is: 未将对象引用设置到对象的实例。 —> System.NullReferenceException: 未将对象引用设置到对象的实例。
在 EVE_Isk_per_Hour.ESI.GetPublicData(String URL, DateTime& CacheDate, String BodyData)
在 EVE_Isk_per_Hour.ESI.UpdateIndustrySystemsCostIndex(Label& UpdateLabel, ProgressBar& PB)
在 EVE_Isk_per_Hour.frmMain…ctor()
— 内部异常堆栈跟踪的结尾 —
在 EVE_Isk_per_Hour.My.MyProject.MyForms.Create__Instance__[T](T Instance)
在 EVE_Isk_per_Hour.My.MyProject.MyForms.get_frmMain()
在 EVE_Isk_per_Hour.My.MyApplication.OnCreateMainForm()
在 Microsoft.VisualBasic.ApplicationServices.WindowsFormsApplicationBase.OnRun()
在 Microsoft.VisualBasic.ApplicationServices.WindowsFormsApplicationBase.DoApplicationModel()
Error Tracking:

(Giddy McFee) #233

If I am in a WH in an Athenor how do I set that as a location within IPH?

(Matterall) #234

Hey @Zifrian - you do a great job on this app. I’ve been playing with it for years. Thanks for the effort.

(Zifrian) #235

Select structure from facility type, select ‘Wormhole Space’ in the region, and then your system. CCP doesn’t provide indexes for wormhole space so you’ll have to set it manually in the box above the facility for the type of industry activity you are doing. Change the activity in the facility window to set a new cost index.

(Phenom) #236


since 2 or 3 days i have the problem that i get no results because of my SVR filter settings. I only get results if i check the “include Items w/o SVR” option. That is because no one of my entries has a SVR rating at all.

So any ideas what i can do to get the SVR calculation running again?


(Danelle Martos) #237

Is there a way to configure IPH to show exactly only what i can build with my current material stock? I want to weed out old and unused stock.

(Zifrian) #238

Go to the Data Menu, Reset Data, and reset market orders and market prices. It’s a long standing issue I haven’t figured out yet. That should reset the downloads.

(Phenom) #239

Hi Zifrian,

thx for the tipp, it helped to fix the SvR issue ;o)


(Caldari Omega) #240

Might have encountered a faultiy classification. All Combat Recons (Lachesis, Huginn, Curse, Rook) are classified as S-size ships when using the manufacturing list. Force Recons are correctly classified as M-size ships.

(Zifrian) #241

All I put up an update but the updater keeps failing on me. I get some error that it cannot be run on the current OS. I’m not sure what changed and I reverted back all the changes that would matter in this case. I may have to update the program that requires everyone to reinstall. I hope that isn’t the case but I’ll keep working on it but if the update fails, just let it. If you updated while I was tinkering over the past few hours, the newest version is available if you reinstall.

I’ll keep working on it this weekend to see what the issue is. Thanks

Update: OK I got it working again, but if you updated in the last 10 hours or so, you will probably need to reinstall. Especially if you see an error like: “The specified executable is not a valid application for this OS platform.”

Really sorry about that. If others have issues, please let me know and I’ll take a look.

(Zifrian) #242

Build 4.0.6908.39366

  • Updated database and images to Onslaught_1.0
  • Made changes to facilities for reactions that should now properly manufacture in a reaction facility and use the manufacturing facility for fuel blocks
  • Saving facilities by account (not for each character) should now properly save manual values for saved facilities correctly
  • Reactions will now show correctly in industry jobs and character skills for reactions are now displayed in the character list
  • Tax rates for stations will now always be set to 10%
  • Wormhole systems will no longer show faction citadels for structure options
  • Updating a facility’s ME/TE/Cost bonus or Tax level should now update calculations automatically when those boxes lose focus

(Giddy McFee) #243

I was getting that error so am trying to uninstall the old version, it starts to try and remove it then I get an error that says “the specified account already exists” If I try to just reinstall it says another version is installed and wont allow me to install. Any ideas?


Fixed by downloading the binaries are overwriting the previous version in the folder then ran update again

(Haffsol) #244

I don’t know if it’s a known bug but I keep on having lots of problems in the “selection blueprint” window/menu, the main one in the “Blueprint” tab where you type down what you wanna build and then select via the enter key or mouse click. I’ll try to explain but pics won’t help much in this case.

Basically if I use the manual input via the keyboard (starting to type something in the little letterbox thing) it works only for the first item I select (say “Item 1”). If I keep on using the keyboard after that one try to select “Item 2, 3… n”, then Item 2,3…n are shown in the menu but the new bpo basically isn’t loaded and I keep on having the material requirement for “Item 1” in my main window. Obviously this is pretty bad if I add it up in a shopping list since “Item 2, 3, …n” are shown but the materials carried on are those for “Item 1”.

Same if I try to double click from the “Manufacturing List”. The “new item” is shown correctly but the material requirement are those of the previous BPO.

To use the program I must select each and every BPO via the scroll and click of the mouse. This way everything works. But I had to learn it the hard way :stuck_out_tongue:

(Domous Havatki Khema) #245

So I just went through the registration process and initial setup of IPH and when I go to log into my character I want access to I get a 401 unauthorized web request fail error. Not sure what is wrong as I could find nothing on Google about this problem. Anyone have any fixes?