EVE Isk Per Hour Industry Program - Version 4.0


(Roan Pico) #246

Hit that problem too but didn’t have the time to post it here. Name and picture of the selected BP are shown in the window, but material requirements are not updated but these from a previously selected BP.
Doesn’t happen all the time tho, not sure how it can be reproduced exactly but its a quite obvious thing happening 50% of the time or so.

You’ve got to select the BP from the dropdown and hit enter right after, thats my temporary fix.

(Roan Pico) #247

Just got a lot of these (around 20); on start as well as on price update.


EDIT: well, maybe its more than 20… looks like 1 for each item request which will eventually make… a few thousand :slight_smile:

(Zifrian) #248

OK, someone else got this error and I haven’t figured it out yet. The updates for prices are rate limited so I’m not sure why it’s happening (they don’t care about rate limiting anyway). I’ll see what I can find out and get back to you.

(Anderson Geten) #249

all requests on esi are error limited.

You need to be wary of 420s and stop your request until the error window.
The 420s happen when someone who uses your application dev key has too many errors, eg “internal server error” when ESI has issues(or wrong gateway, oir timeoue). That’s the reason why devs should not provide their esi dev key - because errors from people can cripple the application of other peoples.

(Zifrian) #250

It’s a public api I"m quering and I don’t use “dev keys” anyway.

I’m not sure what’s going on.

(Anderson Geten) #251

Then it’s linked to your IP.
Again, that can happen. ESI hiccough are something, and they will result in errors if you don’t beware.

What I do is that on 420, I wait until next error window before trying again. It thas no intrinsic meaning about the data, as opposed to 403/404 which mean there is no data for you.