EVE Isk Per Hour Industry Program - Version 4.0


(Zifrian) #248

OK, someone else got this error and I haven’t figured it out yet. The updates for prices are rate limited so I’m not sure why it’s happening (they don’t care about rate limiting anyway). I’ll see what I can find out and get back to you.

(Anderson Geten) #249

all requests on esi are error limited.

You need to be wary of 420s and stop your request until the error window.
The 420s happen when someone who uses your application dev key has too many errors, eg “internal server error” when ESI has issues(or wrong gateway, oir timeoue). That’s the reason why devs should not provide their esi dev key - because errors from people can cripple the application of other peoples.

(Zifrian) #250

It’s a public api I"m quering and I don’t use “dev keys” anyway.

I’m not sure what’s going on.

(Anderson Geten) #251

Then it’s linked to your IP.
Again, that can happen. ESI hiccough are something, and they will result in errors if you don’t beware.

What I do is that on 420, I wait until next error window before trying again. It thas no intrinsic meaning about the data, as opposed to 403/404 which mean there is no data for you.

(Cerv Telcore) #252

Having just installing IPH on a clean W10 system, I am now getting issues when adding characters:

{“error”:“invalid_request”,“error_description”:“The callback URI doesn’t match the value stored for this client”}

Any suggestions?

(Zifrian) #253

Make sure you are using http and not https…the callback address needs to be exactly what is in the instructions when you register the application.

(Cerv Telcore) #254

Fixed - thanks for the pointers. I had incorrectly entered callback info.

(dem2007) #255

Have the same issue while trying to add character or when the programm is loading - on the stage @getting industry system cost/price indicies

(Abadayos) #256

With the change with the ESI no longer using the old link this program no longer works correctly. Do we have an update or ETA for this to be fixed/looked into? This just started happening at todays DT when the apparently old depreciated link or whatever got shut down. The error is the same as the one linked in the post above this one: a crapton of ‘Error 404’ boxes on start up as it tried to pull data but the links it’s using are dead


(Zifrian) #257

Thanks, I missed the notice just like a lot of other apps. I’ll try and get it corrected tonight.

(Abadayos) #258

Awesome thank you very much mate! It seems to of been a change that slipped under 90% of everyone that dealt with the ESI. Thanks again for your rapid response :smiley:

(Zifrian) #259

Fix is up 4.0.6927.39394

Let me know if it’s not working.

(Abadayos) #260

It’s working perfectly, thank you very much my friend!

(Freeze Rain) #261

@Zifrian Hey, fan of you app.
I have small question. So I am in corp that gived me read-only rights to they BPOs db, I can launch a copy job and browse BP, I wish I can scan all BPO but scan button is greyed out. Esi documantation says that I need Director role for accessing corporation bp or assets. I can ask CEO for some additional rights but obviously not directors role. I have all needed scopes including corp_membership and corp_BP registered. Am i missing something, it is not possible to scan BP if you are not a director?

(Zifrian) #262

You need to have director unfortunately. Not sure why ccp put this high restriction on bps but there isn’t anything I can do on my end. Even if I let you query Corp assets it would just return nothing.

(Freeze Rain) #263

Thank you for reply, I think you should concider unlock button, even if it will return nothing for now it can be changed in future or it can actually work in some strange combination of rights in corps.

Anyway i found a bug with favorits/owned items.

First I expoted all coop BPO to Excel, then I exported BP db from IPH, modified BP so all coop BPO becomed favorits-true and tryed to import it back to app, that doesnt work, either manually add them to Owned/Fav in BP Manager.

Manually added to Owned group BP shows in Blueprint tab but notalways Favorites that are not in Owned.

More importantly, Manufacture List only calculating actually Scanned BP and all Fav that are in scanned group, manually adding BP to owned and/or favorite will not list them in Manufacture tab. The only way i found to actually work with coop BPO is add a coma to coop BP name in exel, put them all in one cell/line, copy to “Search” box in BP Manager, so it will show multiple results, but its work only with small amount of BP; with few hundreds its showing almost all BP in the game.

Even if you will add with Search box small portions off corp library then you will need to go one by one in Blueprint tab to check them. Thats what I am doing last two days.

So while there are no way to scan BP in the right way, I will be apriciate if you will add feature to import custom BP list, so anyone can ctrl+c ctrl+v from ingame manufacture window all corp BP to Excel and use them in app Manufacture list tab.

(Giddy McFee) #264

I had to recently reinstall IPH, I did that and imported my character that has the BPOs/BPCs. I was trying to narrow donw my Drone BPOs. However when I select owned BPOs under Blueprint Filters and click preview from list it says no blueprints calculated for options selected.

This is a screen shot of my manufacturing list, i cannot tell why the app cannot find my Drone BPOs.

(Freeze Rain) #265

Oh i was thinkin that something wrong with my settings, I cant calculate any of my scan BPs, but “Include invented” showing some t3 possibilities. So +1 to this

(Nazzarus) #266

hey, how do i add a rorqual to the miners list, and how do I calculate ore amounts with 5% or 10% on the blueprints page? Also, the prices under update prices are high compared to evepraisal, not sure how that’s getting calculated? Cheers and Merry Christmas!

(Carew Darius) #267

Is there any chance we can get the Mining Drone Yield/hr increased? it caps at 99999 but my Rorq can pull in 528,000m3 and hour so it makes it hard to figure out my actual totals between my Rorq and my barges…