EVE Isk Per Hour Industry Program - Version 4.0

That’s not working right now for some reason. I’m looking into it.

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Hi Zifrian,

Just wanted to say that I love your app, it makes making things so much easier!!

So I don’t know if I haven’t found it or am doing something wrong so will just set out what I want and see if you say it is possible.

So lets take building an Orca, it has multiple capital components to be able to make it and I add this to my Shopping List in Eve Isk Per Hour and I then want to take away 10 capital cargo bays from the Components to Build window as I have built these and want to see how many minerals I need to build the other components.

Now I make the capital cargo bays quantity 24 (originally 34) in the Components to Build box and it does update the minerals etc which is great. But I then save this list and open up the app sometime later as I have now built another 10 cargo bays. I load up the shopping list with the orca but the components to build says 34 cargo bays again!

Is there a way when saving the list for it to remember what you set the quantities too in the Components to Build box?

Hope this is possible or I am just doing something wrong!

Probably not. The shopping list updates has some bugs currently.

Let me know when it’s ready. I’ve been using it without the dev Reg and it’s pretty helpful but would be better if it know my info.

Today, when I attempted to open EVE IPH (which was working fine yesterday), it attempted to run an updater and failed. I could not get it to run or update, so I uninstalled, removed all the directories I could find, and reinstalled from the Windows installer.

Now, none of the SDE images are showing up, for example, the blueprint window

and in the structure fitting window

This causes a problem, particularly in the structure fitting window, because I can’t seem to select things without the images there, so can’t fit modules to structures.

Any idea what might be going on?

Go into the folder in ‘program files’. copy the 4000 images that are int he isk pph folder into the ‘images’ folder. it’ll work.

Is there anyway for me to copy/paste the list of raw materials to the right? I can’t figure out how to add al those to a shopping list or to copy paste them in game.

From what I’m seeing, no t3d or t3c is profitable when compared to selling its most raw components (salvage, pre-reaction gas/ore). I’m not certain if this is actually true or if I have some setting screwed up.


Question: I have seen that in the blueprints tab we can save the fitting of the structures we want to use to make calculations (for example, T2 rigged Raitaru). I have not found a way to “load” them once saved, so to make comparison between different setups. Is it possible ?

I have registered my character but can’t get it to include my nullsec regions within the “Activity” area on the Blueprints tab. It’s also where my assets are mostly located. How do you get it to add nullsec regions?

I’m having some issues. I have added all my chars which are in the same corps. All are directors in the corp so should have full access to anything.
In IPH I have followed the instructions and it says:
all the bullet points including esi-corporations.read_blueprints.v1 etc.

When I add the characters, IPH only requests “read_skills”. I guess this is why I do not see the blueprints of the corps in IPH. What am I missing? Shouldn’t it request all the scopes for which the program is registered?