EVE Isk Per Hour Industry Program - Version 4.0


(Zifrian) #123

Thanks everyone for all the bug reports. ESI is giving me more issues than I want but I’ll be making some changes soon that will simplify the log in process and hopefully give more info to troubleshoot errors.

(Petra vanHelsing) #124

I think there is a Bug in the Manufacturing List with the sold/day- value.
It seems to be 10 to 15 times too big for all items which I just checked.

For Example

for ‘Pulse Activated Nexus Invulnerability Core’
i get
- sold/day Jita: 318
which should be more about 22.7
- SVR: 11.2
which seems right, as i can produce about 2 Items per day.
So it seems, the sold/day-value is correctly fetched from the API but somehow is displayed bigger.

(Oriella Trikassi) #125

Thanks for taking the time to do this. My spreadsheet will be converted to ESI Real Soon Now, but IPH is invaluable for error checking it!

The only bug I’ve found is with the Jobs window. It correctly says how many Jobs are running but doesn’t display any.

(Philippe Leroix) #126

Item sold ha the total for the day period selected

Toh Gould check in the history tab of market

(Archon Megalon) #127

So I ended up doing a huge job with IPH, building ships & equipment in a soyt. For the ships & comps I get normal 4.2%, for equipment/ammo/rigs only 1%. I edied the % each time for the equipment but still in the end I was low on materials for some of the equipment/rigs. Any chance you can relook at that % and make it easier to adjust?

(Zifrian) #128

Yeah sorry about that. I’ll have the numbers fixed soon.

(Magus Lux) #129

Hi! Is it possible to use this with API calls, etc with an Alpha character?

(Dyver Phycad) #130

How can I make IPH to to some degree to ignore market advice and offer me always “build all components” for T2 ships. I’m tinkering with cruisers: Deimos’ Pulse Shield Emitters are currently cheaper to buy than to build, but I do not want to buy them. On that note: Why is the “Raw Materials” option disabled on ships but not on modules like the Rapid Light Missile Launcher or drones?

(Niriam DoT) #131

You can add price modifier when loading prices into IPH. Just set it to 100% for moonmats and IPH will always use “build” option for components as this will be considered more profitable due to modified moonmat prices

(Serenit Adoulin) #132

somehow the first blueprint selected stays forever until i restart the programm once i set a structure as production facility.

In my case a raitaru with riggs for time and material efficiency for capital components in nullsec and an azbel without fit for the capital. I tried it with various carriers and dreads.

It allways stays stuck with the first ship i simulated. the only thing i can do is doubleklick a component from the ship and view that. after that it will allways try to update but stay with the first BP i viewed. only way to reset i found so far is to restart

(Zifrian) #133

Sorry it took so long to get an update, but I’ve made several changes to how to log-in and add characters. Additionally, I’ve added better error messages to help me track down issues and tried to improve functionality a bit. Note below, I’ve added a new scope that you’ll need to add to the program or you won’t be able to access corp jobs, bps, or assets if you have access to them. Just having the scope doesn’t let you have access if your corp hasn’t given you the proper roles and it kept throwing 403 errors, which I’d like to limit. So you’ll have to re-add your characters through the normal process, even if they are already in the program. You shouldn’t notice much in the way of differences but it’s the only way to update your access permissions.

I’d really like to get the logging-in issues fixed up so I can work on some other parts of the program. Let me know if you all have issues.

Build 4.0.6746.19468

  • All new installations of IPH will auto-load the dummy character. Users must register and then select characters from the options in the File menu.
  • Port has been removed as an option on registration. All users must set the Callback URL to: exactly. If you get an error stating ‘The callback URI doesn’t match the value stored for this client’ then check your callback URL to make sure it is exactly the address above. If it is not stored this way in the EVE registration form, then you will not be able to add characters through ESI SSO.
  • When adding characters through EVE SSO, users can now cancel the request.
  • A new scope has been added to allow checks for character access to corporation roles to use corporation assets, blueprints, and jobs. ALL USERS must update your registration to include the ‘esi-corporations.read_corporation_membership’ role and re-log into the SSO with each character you want this access to receive it. For example, if you have director and factory manager roles in your corporation, you will not be able to see corp blueprints, assets, or jobs until you re-add this character.
  • Users can sort the bonuses in the structure fitting bonus grid and pop out bonus form.
  • Fixed issue where ME/TE bonuses were being applied incorrectly when rigs selected in structures.
  • The cost bonus from rigs in structures or inherent structure bonus will now affect total usage correctly.
  • Blueprints will now refresh more often when changing values on the selected facility
  • Percentile and Median prices updates should no longer crash the program.

(Jerry Aldeland) #134

i pray with all my heart that it someday would be possible to pull prices from upwell strutures.
anyways, damn good job !

can anyone hook me up with an indy spreadsheet?

(Zifrian) #135

Yeah, I’m looking into that. I’m not sure how much work it will take to do yet but I’d love to get it working since the in-game market is showing all the prices.

(Jerry Aldeland) #136

im your biggest fan :slight_smile:

(Nose Blows) #137

Is it possible to enable/disable BPC only blueprints or blueprints with no BPO (like faction ships)?

(Zifrian) #138

You can set them to be ignored in BP management or by right clicking on the BP in the manufacturing list and selecting Ignore.

(Akiko Yosano) #139

But that would mean to go through hundreds/thousands(?) of Item-types AND knowing wether they fall under this category.

(Zifrian) #140

BP management gives you many options to search, sort, and ignore multiple all at the same time. There are only 3480 bps in the game.

(Augustus Cornelius) #141

Thanks for your work on this. Looks amazing. I’m pretty new to industry and looking forward to trying it out.
I have an issue with setting it up for first time:
I get to Step 3, have my codes and the correct required scopes.
I open IPH, it is set to Dummy, i open File, select Register Program, save data (all 3 fields double checked with accurate data from EVE Online SSO), a window opens to Choose Default Character and field is blank, so i select to login EVE onlin, web browser opens and i login to EVE, Authorization window opens, i select character, i review required scopes and confirm, press Authorize, i get “Login Successful” from web browser, i get IPH message “Unable to get authorization and verification data through ESI: Object reference not set to an instance of an object”, I click ok, then another message: “The Character failed to load. Please check application registration information.”
Any suggestions?

(Nose Blows) #142

Reactions don’t seem to appear on the manufacturing list (except for graphite) https://my.mixtape.moe/uwwuag.png

they do exist in the blueprint viewer though https://my.mixtape.moe/raabwe.png

Wondering if this is intended/not implemented or if I hit something to remove reactions from the manufacturing list.