EVE Museum updates ⭐ Dividends: 0.4 %

This thread is the home of all activities related to EVE Museum. (Since the museum now has a new business model, I thought I would start a new update thread as well. See dividends in the next post.)

EVE Museum is a privately owned, but part publicly run company. Share owners do no not own the right to the assets. Share sales were held in 2015(2), 2017, and 2019. Atm you can only buy shares from other shareholders.
Eve Museum is found in the Malkalen system. Read all about us on the Eve Museum webpage.

In this thread you find announcements from us regarding

  • monthly reports on finances and dividend payouts
  • sale of available shares (from buybacks)
  • other activities such as shareholder votes

As an interested party you can

  • request to buy shares from other players
  • set your own shares for sale for a price higher than the 40 mil buyback guarantee
  • ask for Cista2 to engage in a safe share transaction
  • and of course ask any questions or raise any discussion re. the museum

When there are no shares available, you can always consider giving the museum an interest-free loan, or make a simple donation and become infamous! Thanks!

Default value of shares is 40 mil, latest known share price in a trade was 47 mil (this post). Be aware that dividends are atm fixed and low and you should probably not buy overpriced shares from other players.

The Museum is now running a new business. (Before there was the EVE Museum Shop of officer modules, which is now in hibernation.)
The new business consists in selling certain limited edition items, that the museum buys for normal buy order price from CistaCista’s close relative, Cista2, and resells on the Jita market for profit.

[CistaCista = Cista2]
Public API keys - now unfortunately obsolete.

So here we are, profit improved nicely this month.

The museum sold altogether 1 Enforcer, 15 Genolution implants, 3 Immolators, 100 Leopards, 125 Mining Foremans, 45 Quafe Zero, 1 Taipan, 42 Victorieux Yachts, 10 Zephyr, and 65 Zor implants.
No details given here, but the sales can be seen through the api.

After withdrawing a generic 10% for fees, the profit for all these was 6.9 bn, and this amounts to 1.7 % profit for each of the 10,000 shares. Enjoy!

690K dividend per share (1.7 %). 4000 shares are public, total payout is 2.76 bn, accumulated payout since 2015 is 79.5 bn

Are those old XML api keys? those have long since died, and only ESI works now to pull wallets

Thank you for pointing that out. Unfortunately, it seems the new ones are not so useful for sharing information from wallets…

Where can we found a list of current SharesOlders or any new Shares emissions?
I currently want some shares.

Hello! There is no precise list of shareholders, because the shares are an actual ingame item and can shift hands easily. Some of them are placed in corporation wallets.

There wil be no new shares sold in the foreseeable future, your best option is to make a priced offer here in this thread.

Hello all, dividends have been paid!

in February the Museum sold 2 Echos, 1 Enforcer, 129 Gnosis, 2 Hematos, 3 Immolators, 155 Mining Foreman, 6 Praxis, 80 Quafe Zero, 4 Taipan, 3 Victorieux, 4 Violators, and 20 Zor’s implants.

No more details are given here, but after withdrawing the generic fee, the overall profit for all these was 4.2 billion ISK, which amounts to to just over 1 % in dividends, which have now been paid out to the shareholders.

I will cut down a little on the number of item types the museum handles from now on, but plan to increase the volumes gradually.


In other news, the fact that there is no public api connected to the museum account is annoying like hell. If there is no option for any public oversight, moving items into the museum for trade is just a bizarre form of roleplay - the worst waste of time that I know of.

However, there is still one option, because anyone can plant an alt character in the museum. Anyone is allowed to do that, and to be granted accountant role to verify the sales. In fact, there still remain two player characters in the museum right now, from previous years.

So for now I will soldier on with this way of doing things - and in case some shareholder or visitor will want verification, it is in fact possible.

What about using EVE-Mogul or something? It’s not a public ledger, or immune to tampering, but it’s a record and you can at least display your profits publicly.

Thanks for the dividend, as usual.

Dividends have been paid out.

Midway through the month I could see trade was disappointing this month and would not get over minimum profit for you, so minimum (1.0%) it is!

I am also quite distracted by a RL project atm so could be minimum again next month.

Dividends have been paid out again.

I am still focused elsewhere than EVE atm, so in all likelihood the next two months will be the same minimal dividends of 1%.

Ops, suddenly remembered to pay out this.

There will be one more payout @ 1.0 %, then we will see.

I would like to sell my 25 shares. I am selling the shares for the original buy price of 40 million ISK each. I am only selling as a bundle not splitting it up so the price is 1 billion ISK. Let me know if you are interested. Also Cista would you be willing to act as a third party in this matter?


@Alocose I’d like to buy those from you.

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Sent them over, I trust you are good for your word :slight_smile: . Send over the ISK when you get on next.

Edit: I have received the ISK

Thank You,

Shares received.


Hey guys, I have paid out 1.0% in dividends.
This marks the end of the run guaranteed at the last share sale. Sadly I am not currently doing any trade on the Museum itself.
I will however continue to pay out a dividend of 0.8% on the shares in the remainder of 2019, and maybe things change.
Alternatively, you can arrange with Cista2 to sell back your shares for 40M each,

0.8 % dividends have been paid out for July and for August.

(for some reason I can no longer edit the top post to reflect that it is 0.8% now)

Good run regardless. I’ll be keeping my ONE share, though.

Given the changes, and the buy back offer, are any additional shares available for purchase at this time? If so, at what price will you offer them Cista with the lower rate of returns.

I probably would not re-sell any shares as long as I don’t have plans for any active business.