EVE Museum updates ⭐ Dividends: 0.6 %

I am willing to pay a slight premium compared to the buyback guarantee for shares if anyone is interested in selling some of theirs due to the relatively low dividend these days.

0.8% dividends were paid out for the months of September and October, respectively.

I want shares. Name your terms.

Thank you, but I will not be selling any shares atm. Only thing that could happen is if I would be running a raffle in 2020.

Meanwhile, dividends were paid out for November.

Dividends were paid out for December.
The next 6 months I will pay out 0.6% in dividends - this may change if I begin doing Hyperlink raffles.

I’m amazed this is still running.

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Dividends were paid out as advertised for January and February.

I am as well. Thank you for the dividends Cista.

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Dividends were paid out for the months of March and April.

First time hearing of the museum, would love to buy shares, do you know what the price is of them? are they still 40 million. I would be willing to pay a premium for them.

also would like to donate some assets, where do I donate to?

Hello Brice! I am not selling any shares atm, and players have been unwilling to sell any for some time. Best bet to make a concrete offer - over 40 million per share - here in this thread.

It would be wonderful if you have any collectable items to donate. You can contract them to CistaCista or Eve Museum.
They will be listed with your name next to them as donor on the website (unless anotrher person has already donated the same).

Okay Thanks, I will donate some items now.

For any players willing to sell, I would buy shares for 60 million each. I would like to buy up to 10 shares.

I haven’t been able to buy shares yet and would like to experience this part of the game. Thanks.

Dividends were paid out for the months of May and June.

The remainder of 2020 I will pay out dividends of 0.4 % per month. After that we will see.