EVE Museum updates ⭐ dividends paid!

Dividends were paid for November, and now for December.

I should say that I am not playing EVE actively right now. While I figure out if/when I will resume my trading activities, I shall for sure keep paying out these dividends until at least July 2022.

As always, if you wish to send back shares to me, DON’T do it without my express consent as they may get mixed up with other shares. I check this forum thread every day.

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I would like to sell my shares back to the museum once the Feb dividends are paid out

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You can send them right now if you want? To CistaCista.

(January has just been paid, February payment is after the month ends)

Shares sent. Sorry for delayed response

125 shares received,
6.25bn paid out to Ryan Baldur, enjoy!

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Dividends have been paid for the months of February and March.

I will pay out dividends two times more - after that the Museum will go into hibernation!

Can I sell my shares as well?

I’d like to buy some shares! Are there some still available?

Yes Loki, just tell me the exact number of shares, and then send them directly to CistaCista.

(Only one person at a time can do this)

Money has been sent to Loki