EVE-O Preview v4.0.1 "Quatrus II" (multi-client preview / switcher) [ 2018-04-04 ]

(Steve Rollard) #191

So i can use EVE O and its a great little program but if i try to move the preview windows or click on any of the options the program crashes. I have to boot it several times to get it to display previews in acceptable locations. Any ideas? i’m guessing something like its trying to write data somewhere to save the changes but cant and then crashes.

(Phrynohyas Tig-Rah) #192


What is the path you did install EVE-O into? Also what is the version # you use (latest ones should not crash due to this). If it is one of the latest ones - there is a crashlog file next ot the EVE-O’s exe file - I would be really glad if you could send it to me via eve mail.

(Steve Rollard) #193

On the Desktop 4.0.1 have reinstalled it again and it seems to have cleared up now.

(Dom Arkaral) #194


I honestly have no idea what version I’ve been using for the past couple of years, but it still works great :smiley:

(Born Agittain) #195

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(Phrynohyas Tig-Rah) #196

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(Jason Atavuli) #197

Perhaps it’s been removed in a newer version, but there is a hotkey function in v3.0.0. The final entry in the file “EVE-O Preview.json” is where hotkeys are defined.

“ClientHotkey”: {
“EVE - 1st toon’s name here”: “Control+Shift+Alt+F1”,
“EVE - 2nd toon’s name here”: “Control+Shift+Alt+F2”,
“EVE - 3rd toon’s name here”: “Control+Shift+Alt+F3”

If your keyboard has programmable keys or even better, specific macro keys you can assign your key combos to your macro keys. Or you can just hit your own combos. Though hitting combos is probably more effort than clicking on preview windows. Could always put your previews on a touch panel in easy reach of your off-mouse hand. G7xx series Logitech keyboards have android device integration…

(Jedir Shepard) #198

Niche, would be great to see that in 4.0.1 or newer again.

(Phrynohyas Tig-Rah) #199

What exactly? Hotkeys should (and do) work in 4.01

(Kyra Venalia) #200

Would it be reasonable to add the option to bind a hotkey to toggle the thumbnails entirely? I find that I have a place for them that works perfectly, except in some situations like when I’m in my character sheet, in station inventory, fitting window etc. If I could just tap a key to turn them off, do my business and retap it to bring it back, that would be hugely beneficial.

(Phrynohyas Tig-Rah) #202

Well, I like this idea. Will try to implement it in the next sub-release.

(Serg Sinist) #203

Feature Request
Add “lock” position and size in config file.

Example: “EVE - Serg Sinist”: “1180, 0” “lock”,

(Faylee Freir) #204

Still enjoying this program! Keep up the good work!

Feature Idea: Is it possible to have a keybind that we can set that will turn the keybinds for client switching on and off?

Practical use: I prefer to have my client swapping keys on my number row, 1 - 0. If I go to use the calculator or use those keys in another window such as a browser for example it will activate the client switch. I would love to be able to have a hot key that disables, the re-enables the client swapping.

(Phrynohyas Tig-Rah) #205

Well, that could be a nice QoL thing. I’ll log this on GitHub to make sure I won’t forget about this :slight_smile:


What this “lock” thing is expected to do?

(Serg Sinist) #206

Закрепление позиции - чтобы при случайном перемещении превьюшки он в конфиге ничего не менял и ставил превью на место \ не давал ее менять…

(Makavi Madeveda) #207

He wants to “pin” the preview windows.

(Lit HiB Hilanen) #208

Hi, really love this program but now I got a problem.

Switched to an old monitor, max freq is around 80hz(really old 17 inch monitor), for some reason it can only dsiplay one client tab and I run two toons at once. If I turn one on, it displays it without a problem, as soon as I fire up the second, the first one is gone. What can I do?

edit: updated to the latest version, it works! beautiful!

(Esther Gerhardt) #209

So, have a question. Is there a way to make it ignore a client or clients entirely? I’ve got a client running on a second monitor and I’d like it to not minimize any clients when I make that one active, but would like it to minimize any non-active clients that I’ve got running on the main monitor and am switching between.

(Faylee Freir) #210

Is it possible to individually resize each preview window? If not, that’d be a great feature. I would love to be able to do this.

(Phrynohyas Tig-Rah) #211


Nope. I’ll look into it/


I would too :wink: Yet bacause I am lazy ### I’ve never touched this (despite there is an issue to implement this thing)