EVE-O Preview v4.0.1 "Quatrus II" (multi-client preview / switcher) [ 2018-04-04 ]

(Soralio) #46

Hey there,
Just started using the preview and it’s amazing, I love it.

Was just wondering though, I’ve read about setting hotkeys for specific clients in the readme, but I wanted to know if there’s any ability to scroll through your clients, for example client 1/client 2/client 3/ client 1 etc all with one button? I’ve got a pair of otherwise unused thumb buttons on my mouse and would love the ability to scroll through my clients without having to move the mouse, is this possible?


(Faylee Freir) #47

I too would be incredibly interested in this feature.

(Phrynohyas Tig-Rah) #48

Hello all


It is not intended to do that :frowning: Please make sure that the option General -> Unique layout for each client is unchecked


Yes, EOP cannot work without Aero.
EOP relies on Aero API that doesn’t anyhow interact with the window contents (regardsles is it EVE client or smth else) to reroute its video output to a separate preview window. EOP is like an advanced client for the same API that is used to make the Alt+Tab previews in Windows work.


It looks OK. Please Eve-mail me with detail what doesn’t work and what did you try.


Please make sure that the option General -> Unique layout for each client is unchecked


Its not the first time this feature request arises: https://github.com/Phrynohyas/eve-o-preview/issues/55

I have a feeling that a key combination to go only thru EVE windows will go way too close to the botting-similar experience. I don’t feel it is right to implement this feature.

Some thing just shouldn’t be implemented. IMO tools shouldn’t give any unfair advantages for their users.

(Faylee Freir) #49

It’s not botting though. There’s nothing automated about it. If you line all your clients up it’s literally the same thing as pressing alt+tab consecutively.

I know you’re developing it and I respect the work yourve done or kept up on the project, but you should petition to ask about that specific use case, swapping to windows in an order from the same key bind.

(Chrissi Hamalia) #50

Thx for your replay. but if u uncheck this option, the thumbnails are always on another spot, after i change clients.

with 2 clients all is fine. with more then 2 its wierd.

i put the thumbs at my position. i click on the thumb to change client. in this client then, the thumbs are completely on another place. i want all thumbs in all clients at the same position

(Phrynohyas Tig-Rah) #51

Please drop me your config file via eve-mail (see the 1st post for details)

(Empanada) #52

Thank you very much for continue this project, the program its fantastic. :kissing_smiling_eyes:

(Albrecht Patrouette) #53

I love this program, have been using it for several years. I just upgraded to this newest version and, for the most part, I’m really pleased with it. However, it is occasionally doing something odd that requires me to close the program and restart it.
I run two clients, and the settings are identical between them. Normally everything functions as designed, but several times an hour, when switching between clients, instead of having the small thumbnail appear where I have it docked (in this case, the bottom left of my middle monitor; I have a three monitor setup) what appears is what looks like the zoomed window along the bottom edge of the screen. Placing the cursor on that window causes it to abruptly zoom very big, as well as jumping to the top of the screen.
Clicking either window does nothing; it will not switch me to the applicable client. I am stuck on the current client until I exit EVE-O and restart it.
I never had this problem with the older version, and I’m not sure what’s causing the problem this time around.

(Phrynohyas Tig-Rah) #54


Is any of your displays a HighDPI one with UI scaling enabled? Also pls drop me the config file.

(Albrecht Patrouette) #55

Yes. I’ll send you the display information along with the config file.

(Empanada) #56

The EULA is extremely important for some of us, keep us updated if something changed and thanks for the service you guys are providing, the software works perfectly.

(Jonny Guns McGuire) #57

Absolutely love this software. Will support you more in the future!


(Albrecht Patrouette) #58

I’ve responded to your request and sent you the information, but haven’t as yet received any reply and/or confirmation or receipt.

Also, would it be possible to put some sort of adjustable time-delay for the zoom, so that it doesn’t instantly zoom when the cursor just passes over the thumbnail but requires it to actually hover atop it?

(Phrynohyas Tig-Rah) #59

Sorry, I was heavily distracted by some RL stuff

Not sure right now how much efforts will this take.

(Phrynohyas Tig-Rah) #60

Version 3.1.0 is available

  • Improved HighDPI screens support

Warning! To better work in HighDPI environment EVE-O Preview now will ignore the screen scaling set in Windows and will always use direct screen coordinates. This means that it should now better handle cases when zoomed-in thumbnail is partally displayed on a screen with different scaling set (earlier this caused strange things like giant not responsible thumbnails). Also client window position management will now work on HighDPI displays in a more predictable manner. The price for this is that if you use HighDPI display with scale set to anything > 100% you’ll find your thumbnails resized (they will become smaller) and moved towards upper left screen corner. You’ll need to resize them back and put to proper places again.

(Serg Sinist) #61

Feature request: add in config option “force show blank thumbnails” if win aero are turned off \ not available. Because EVE-O also helps to switching EVE windows, when mouse is stucked in EVE window.
По-русски: реквестирую опцию в конфиге, чтобы можно было принудительно показывать пустые превьюшки, если отключен Аеро. Потому, что EVE-O также помогает переключаться в другие окна EVE, когда мышь “застряла” в окне и не дает переключаться через панель задач.

(Celayi Rin) #62

I am having an issue where one client (this one) always reverts to the wrong position & size, even when I have the appropriate options ticked in the program to remember where I move and resize the window.

It’s by no means game breaking, but is there any fix?

(Phrynohyas Tig-Rah) #63

You mean the EVE client window itself? How exactly it is ‘wrong’? Could you send me a screenshot and you config file via eve mail?

(Phrynohyas Tig-Rah) #64

Sounds reasonable.
I’ll need your help with testing the build containing this feature (have no Windows with diabled Aero available :wink: ). Please PM me in game

(Celayi Rin) #65

When I launch this account the window is the usual size and shape; when I select this character, it changes to be taller (some of the window goes behind the windows bar) and narrower.

Changing it back to the right size is easy, but it never remembers the size and shape.

Where do I find the config file?