EVE-O Preview v5.0.0 "Scourge" (multi-client preview / switcher) [ 2019-07-12 ]

Need help with the program settings.
I need that inactive clients will be minimized. I have two sets of characters.
I have two monitors and I need that the main character from the first set will be on the first monitor and don’t fold, and the main character of the second set on the second monitor and don’t fold.

How can I do it?

You fixed the issue I mailed you about where restoring minimized clients got incorrect window sizes!


(idk why i didn’t notice this beta before!)

EDIT: i was wrong :smiley: still broken

hi, is something happened? you dont respond anymore

Emm, probably you did miss this?

uff sorry, yes didnt noticed this… i am ready to test

Take this release. Should’ve fixed the issue (at least it did for my testcase): https://github.com/Phrynohyas/eve-o-preview/releases/tag/4.1.0-b-5

“This is a Beta release that will expire at 2019-05-15” is this an issue for now?

Just close the message box ignore it. It has no other side effects than to shame me

settings do not save:
hi after restart of the program, it reset the window settings. normaly it should look like this:

but after restart it looks like this:

lagging issues. i notice heavy lagging issues with the new version, the active eve clients freeze often for 1 second, i tried old version and it do not lag, the new lag. maybe this issue comes out only with heavy CPU load etc…

I hope you haven’t activated the alternative renderer?

EDIT: Just ping me on the Discord, that’d be faster and easier

“CompatibilityMode”: false,

what is your discord?
trying now with “true”

Hi. First of all, awesome tool. Ive got one question. Iam using the dualmonitor resolution of 1080x3840. My main game is on the left monitor. This is the part i want to see in the thumbnails. Can i somehow cut the area shown in the thumbnails? So that they only display the 1080x1920 aka the “left” side of the whole resolution?
Thank you very much


Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Nope. The EVE UI is displayed as whole and cannot be modified in EVE-O Preview.

Also please remember that modifying in in any way (like displaying only part of the game screen) actually breaks EULA.

Problem: Black preview only.
I am using 4.0.1, Windows 10, In window mode, When I press Windowskey+Tab I get previews from windows just fine, just never in the opreview squares.

Has anyone made this work with the above combination?

Black previews mean that Windows reports that it has DWM Composition feature (part of Aero) disabled for some reason. For Win 7 this usually means that Aero is disabled at all. For Win 8+ this is either issues with GPU drivers or some issues with the Windows itself.

FWIW, I had windows 10 set to High contrast mode. Switching this off - restart opreview, worked straight away.

Well that’s (not) fun. Seems the Win features check is too picky and returns incorrect value on HighContrast mode.
Still the app itself works perfectly in the HighContrast mode once I override this check. I’ll roll out an update this evening that will work in HC mode as well.

Hey Phrynohyas Tig-Rah,
first: great tool!
But is there a setup video or so for us non-native-speaker somewhere to also get a perfect result?

It depends on which language you do want to use. There is a nice instruction in Russian on XIX wiki.