EVE Online Ecosystem Outlook

New fresh players? Or more accounts created by older multiboxing players to cover the missing ones? CCP won’t care either way but they are still losing alot of real, flesh and blood human players like me… and not once did I ever use a bloody bot… I used to report them when I could see them but now no-one talks to eachother in local except to spam it with stupid annoying adverts for their latest scam… that loss of community activity coupled with the recent rapid changes HAS caused alot of genuine players to quit who are now watching CCPs actions and waiting to see if they got the message… at the moment it seems they haven’t so they stay unsubbed watching just like me.


TIS is saying that everything is fine and ccp is doing great , there are a lot of guests in the show saying that why we should believe you and not ccp devs and tis?

Possibly, but why is that? Because of inflation? I don’t think so. It is possible that the cost increases are resulting in smaller profit margins. Those who are “pushed out” since they are no longer earning a profit, and even those who remain might see reduced margins. But again, this is due more to scarcity than an imaginary inflation boogie man, at least given that the money supply has been falling for about 9-10 months.

While I may not be losing money on my Netflix subscription CCP still needs to, at a bare minimum, meet its variable costs. And if it cannot meet its total costs as well eventually it will go under. A declining PCU is not good as it suggests players are walking away from the game. Some might not immediately suspend auto-renewed subscriptions, but eventually that money spigot will likely get smaller and smaller as the PCU shrinks. CCP, and especially the employees, are not doing their jobs because it enhances their welfare. They are trading their time for income that enhances their welfare. Take away that income…they’ll go elsewhere.

It looks like that downward trend may be bottoming out. Do not take that last increase to be anything other than short term “seasonality”. We see such spikes every single day in the graph you posted. The key question is will it rebound. I want it too, but I fear it won’t.

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And just to hammer this home and make everyone who complains about the money supply feel really stupid…

Current money supply for characters: 1,036,623,353,259,770

That looks like alot, but the last time the ISK supply was at this level was in March 29, 2020. In other words, the ISK supply is…


The money supply is shrinking.

You are correct @Teckos_Pech and I would like to take this opportunity to support CCP on continuous momentum fighting players that bot. This not only unbalances the economy it also supports RL organizations that don’t have ethical work places, in some cases.

And I agree here great job and we continue to move in the right direction and I think a few more months here and we will be on track for a healthy game for many years into the future.


Unsubbing 10 accounts. I’ll stick around as alpha until CCP gits gud.


Is this due to the ESS in null? Is ratting the only way ISK generated in Eve?

No, missions and certain loot drops (e.g. tags) sold to NPC agents are also creating ISK from thin air. Same is true for trading between NPC agents.

I am not that familiar with the ESS, it may very well be creating ISK. And yeah killing rats was the dominant method of injecting ISK into the economy. As @Meditril notes there are other methods and I believe some have become more significant as players react to changes CCP makes.

Oh, and a note here on that “players react to changes CCP makes”. That is quite similar to something Robert E. Lucas (Nobel Prize winning economist) stated,

Given that the structure of an econometric model consists of optimal decision rules of economic agents, and that optimal decision rules vary systematically with changes in the structure of series relevant to the decision maker, it follows that any change in policy will systematically alter the structure of econometric models.

What this is saying is the following…government policy is often based on economic models (econometric models where statistics and economics come together). And that people are behaving rationally and “optimally” under a given policy regime (in EVE terms think of this as the last update to the game…players see it and change their behavior to try and maximizing the results of their efforts), but once you go and change the policy regime people will change their optimal behavior and the econometric models policy is based on are no longer applicable. In EVE terms, whatever you thought you knew about what players were doing in the last update may no longer be relevant at all with the new update. The players have adapted.

Keep this in mind the next time somebody says, “EcOnOmiCs DoEsN’t ApPlY iN gAmE.” It may not apply in similar fashion, but the underlying ideas of marginal benefit vs. marginal cost, opportunity cost, etc…those all still hold.


The ess does not create isk, it applies a multiplier to you bounty rewards based on how many rats have been killed and how much destruction has occurred in the system. A portion of the bounty you receive is then placed into 2 banks, 1 of which pays out every 2 hours (if it has not been stolen) the other has to be released using a key which should be available after an upcoming update.