EVE Online - Industrialists Shape EVE 6,183,915 views Apr 16, 2021

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Not sure about that. But definitely ban them from docking in NPC stations and player stations unless given permission. It’s like a Japanese battleship pulling into pearl harbor for some shopping and reloading after sinking a U.S. carrier and everyone there just going about their daily business.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Nonsense. Sec status has nothing to do with empire standings.

Wouldn’t this allegory be much more applicable to the mission runners who constantly destroy faction naval assets, and not to a bunch of neutrals who are clobbering each other but leaving faction assets untouched (and CONCORD agents employed)? :thinking:

It is bad enough that faction police attack people with positive faction standing.

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I agree, CCP should talk about ganking in more of their adverts.

Station owners are not the US navy. They aren’t CONCORD. They don’t care who you shoot and of course don’t mind storing your stuff.

I personally think they quit because they don’t want to pay 14,99 for a second job.

I didn’t need a mention of that when I started. I read ‘PvP’ and somehow understood that I could either be the hunted or the hunter and that it was my choice to be either and/or both.
That’s what PvP is in every online game. Sure some games put a devider between PvP and PvE but EVE doesn’t and that’s what makes it exciting.


All commercial advertising is designed to ‘lure people in’. No sensible stallholder touts the negative aspects of his/her wares - unless they can be spun into positives.

It’s not the job of CCP to present would-be players with a list of pros and cons - that’s down to the reviewers. Only a fool spends money on a game without weighing it up and/or initiating a trial.

As far as EVE is concerned, CR, there are enough tear-jars out there to leave the enquiring mind in no doubt about the nature of the game.

I think I can see your vision for the future of Highsec. It’s pretty bleak, from my point of view; not a game that would interest me.

If I recall correctly, you had some difficulty in the past in effectively presenting the detail of your broad proposals; the consequences, foreseen and otherwise, which might arise. It may have been someone else, though; if it were, I apologise in advance!


All of them have difficulty in effectively presenting the details and consequences of their broad proposals when it comes to their hare-brained ideas for removing a two-decade-old survival game’s system of non-consensual PvP in favor of theme park NPC content grinding. There’s really no need to apologize.

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If your indy char account is subscribed and not paying with PLEX you are doing industry wrong. Repeat after me, ‘‘The minerals I mine & pilots licence I buy are not free.’’.

Whilst I agree with your comment about -10s, I cannot agree with this particular comment. Practically every advert you see for Eve ( its hard to avoid them on Youtube ) mentions that Eve is a ‘dangerous’ place. There’s even an advert where someone who started as a miner mentions being blown up by gankers.

Ah…but local law enforcement suffer from collective amnesia every time the battleship shows up. ’ Didn’t that battleship destroy a whole bunch of stuff half an hour ago ?’ an enquiring and observant resident asks. ’ No idea…our memory only lasts 8 seconds '…comes the law enforcement response.


That doesn’t seem too far fetched.

Who touched you and where? Post Kill-mail or you are a liar.

Your mum, but I’ll leave out the details.

I’m an anti-ganker. I hunt the deadbeats, not hide from them.


I feel left out… im -8 and change…

-8s matter

This antigank attention seeking is out of hand…

That’s rich.

Richer than you… poor little anti ganker

I stopped stressing over ISK around 2005-2007. I can afford SEVERAL Catalysts!!!

What more could a man ask for?


If you were a man, you could answer that q… but… you are an anti ganker karen, so… have fun w that…

You should by some catalysts. Yoy might find ganking to be more fruitful than trying to figure out how to stop it…