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I ain’t here for fruit boy!

No, you are here here to be the anti pvp, the toxic savior of the miner. . But… they keep getting ganked… so, in essence, you keep failing

That’s what gankers keep saying. Again, I’d rather fail at doing something right than succeed at something wrong.

You have thousands of systems and countless targets to choose from. Your job is a LOT easier than mine…but a lot less satisfying.

Completely false. The majority of the game consists of high-sec miners and mission-runners. There’s a much smaller portion of null-sec farmers or bots that aren’t nearly as viable as targets because they’re able to deal with hostiles in a very predictable manner (by docking up after receiving intel when they’re still two dozen jumps out). Only a tiny fraction of the game’s population consists of “morally acceptable” targets like dedicated PvPers, and the majority of those are covered by capital umbrellas and CTAs that make small-scale conflicts impossible.

So you’re either intentionally lying, or are unaware about the game you’re playing. Take your pick.

Lol so failure is part of your constitution…

Whats right? This is a pvp sandbox video game. Its less of whats right and more about paddling against the stream in your case… lol

I really hope for your sake that the white knight routine is rp.

If you have to ask…

Yeah because its a game… you think that eve is real life? … maybe that something you should ask…

do you want to know the truth about eve online right now PVE is currently now the most dangerous thing in eve online in high-security space pirate forward operating bases when day the belt rats jump on you and they’re not normal and they kick your ass don’t forget about the alien try-hards like to invade players ganking you are the least of your worries

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If it’s so predictable, why can’t you make traps for them?

Also if Intel is that powerful, why so many of them still dying nowadays? what prevents you from making log off traps, bubble their way to structure, etc? too much effort?

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First of all, the predictability in the way they deal with hostiles involves warping to a safe spot and cloaking, or to a structure and tethering. This isn’t something that has counter-play mechanics available aside from the “meta” level, and that’s the least-satisfying, lowest form of gameplay possible. The one time CCP tried to address this by implementing blackout, a bunch of their devs almost wound up floating in the harbor outside their office, so it’s obvious that the player base is in favor of maintaining the status quo.

Second, I’m not some charity bot hunter. I’m not going to waste hours of my time to make 12 million ISK from the T2 loot of a disposable bot ship’s wreck. Not when there’s an endless supply of blinged-out mission runners who will drop billions, and then follow it up with a quarter-megabyte’s worth of rage spam. You want to do CCP’s job for free? Be my guest. I’m going to shoot some miners instead.

That’s a long-winded way of saying “I shoot noobs because the rest of the game is too hard”.

It’s funny that you point out a lack of counter-play while supporting ganking, a system that also has no counter-play and is populated by people who explode into fits of rage if you even suggest the idea that ganking and anti-ganking should be competitive mechanics.


What?!? When AG says the same thing about ganking you guys go off the rails!

I’m so glad you posted that response. You showed your whole had…and it’s saved.

100% Gold Star :star:

If that makes you happy, there’s something else going on in your life that’s not apparent.

Kenneth Clark Doll Test

Actually, I’ve always agreed that the mechanics for AG are deficient.

However, in order to make them sufficient, you’d first have to decrease the efficiency of CONCORD so that it’s possible for players themselves do so something without losing initiative to an automatic kill trigger that occurs a few seconds after a crime is committed There’s not much CCP can add to the system in its current implementation aside from some kind of “God hand” button you can press to erase players from existence.

No, it’s not, because I don’t consider hunting null-sec bots as “the game.” Why would I play a game, and then engage in an aspect of it that doesn’t bring me joy? It’s like you saying that “shoot noobs because I find mining to be too difficult.” Well, obviously, duh. I can’t sit through fifteen minutes of mining without bleeding out of my ears and eyes, so why would I do it? It’s kind of a pointless criticism.

Well, at least you admitted it’s a crime.

It would be so easy for CCP to lock anyone with a sec status lower than minus five out of HS.

Make them work and pay for their crimes by getting their sec status back up for entry.

CONCORD doesn’t help the person being ganked, they only “clean up the mess”.

This isn’t a counter-play mechanic; it’s just you being lazy by asking for an “NPC solution” to a “player problem.”

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Do you know what they say about opinions?

Please apply it copiously…

So, you’re saying that miners are tougher than you?



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You don’t have the bandwidth to win a battle of wits against me, so don’t even try.