EVE Online: Lifeblood - General feedback

My experiences with resources wars so far - so I wanted to see if you could shoot the hauler to keep the site from being completed. I warped to the site and found that it was restricted to frigs and nub ships. Warped around to all my systems and structures trying to find a frig. Finally find one - warp back and find that the system is restricted by empire. Dont have any of the relevant empire frigs and cant be bothered to buy one. Leave my ship and fly to a station to get my free nub ship. Finally get into the site - no one is in it. Cant hit anything with the civilian laser. Cant be bothered to try and fit it to make it work. Leave in half armor without finding out whether I can mess with the completion of the site. All in all, didn’t seem worth doing but I do give it a 2 out of 10 for ccp trolling me with the go get a frig message at the gate only to find out they meant an amarr frig only. (I later found out that that info is in the agency - but I closed that and never intend to open it ever again - just like the journal and everything else pve related).

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Can the change to how bookmarks show up in the new map be a toggle? The ability to see systems with bookmarks without zooming in was a great help when needing to navigate between alliance/coalition infrastructure, as well as simply being able to see where I’ve been operating in a region.

OK; original problem might have been me. Just successfully completed level 1, solo. Hauler had to be eye-balled in space as it just does not appear in overview or d-scan.

Still can’t see any other level 1 missions on completion however, but that might just be because they have all be done already, and within 10 jumps? Level 2 missions will let me in and I can at least see the level 3’s etc, although they exclude me based on low standings. So, otherwise it appears to be working.

Well… not sure how many people care, but the new Full Body character portraits have weird poses, the old ones looked way more relaxed and natural. Same for the Character Creator. Just cant get used to the new… And many male characters hands are clipping through the character thighs, especially when wearing some more official clothes, like ‘Esquire’ coats.


it looks like the endurance mining frig was left off the list for the new mining sites.
the venture and the prospect are on the list why isn’t the endurance allowed to be used?


First post here lists ship types that should work in the different levels of sites. If the Endurance is not being admitted to lvl 2, you might want to file a bug report.


What happened to detailed Dev Blogs weeks in advance of new features? What happened to forum discussion about those features?

The Dev Blog for the new Agency was released THE DAY BEFORE the expansion!

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So the only fitting response is “Get rekt” :stuck_out_tongue:

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This was on me :frowning:

I took too long writing it.

If we give WHs moongoo can Nullsec get Sleeper sites too? I promise we won’t devalue them to the point you can’t make any ISK :slight_smile:

There is a known issues list that we try and keep up to date, but if you are unsure if it is the same issue your best bet is to report it anyway.

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Seeing CCP is monitoring this thread, i will ask here seeing i cannot seem to find an answer elsewhere.

Do the changes with the new Moon Mining inflict on the Industry Index accounting towards the ADM. Mining belts adjust the Industry index and with Lifebloods changes we are now also actively “Mining” Moons containing the same ore we can find in the belts.

Anyone have a confirmed or tested answer on this ?

Yep happened to me too, I didn’t look at the time but the mission just failed for some reason

Kudos to CCP for allowing people with potato computers like me to be able to see gas clouds with the shaders at ‘Low’ settings, it was really weird seeing my Venture mining invisible gas in WH space :smiley:

EDIT: Umm devs… still can’t see it. Do I need to turn up other settings?


You can shoot the hauler without being concorded but it is an orca and the site is limited to 12 min so at least in the initial sites which only allow frigs you can’t apply enough damage solo to kill it but you do go suspect so maybe you can use that to bait folk. Maybe it will work in higher end sites where more dps can be brought?

How can I turn off the betting on duels? I need duels for business, not for useless gambling.

Well I have to give you prop’s for owning that, but I was using that one as the latest example. It seems to me that we are in generally getting less and less info about new features, later and later in the development cycle that we used to do.

Is the Blood Raider Gauntlet part of this expansion? I can’t find it. :clown_face:

From the patch notes … https://community.eveonline.com/news/patch-notes/patch-notes-for-eve-online-lifeblood/

The Crimson Harvest event and associated cosmic site beacons have been added. This event starts on the 26th of October, watch out!

Thanks :kiss: