I can see all of the skills, filter through all of the skills, and i can see a skills training queue but i am unable to add skills into the queue to train them. Thats the main purpose for me downloading this app is to be able to train skills while im away from my home/computer :confused:

So if you go to the skill browser tab, on the skills page, and open up the dropdowns, you don’t have options on skills you already have? +front +end and apply sp? and an option of buy and inject on skills you don’t have?

maybe post a screenshot? (sanitized if you feel it required)

Are you Alpha or Omega?

Jijae is asking important questions in here - from what I’ve read on that app, alpha accounts only has ability to view skill training tab in “read-only” mode, with Omegas having ability to edit it.

Explanation for that was pretty confusing to me tho, something with sp farming and injectors and stuff…

I asked It for this,sorry i dont understand good. I only try help you

Don’t worry I was just pointing out You made a good point, and elaborated on it. :slight_smile: