Eve portal 2019 thank you

Thank you CCP for making Portal 2019 now I can train skills and add to them on my phone what a great app :slightly_smiling_face:

PS: great sound effects


Nice to see what CCP can do when they have a great idea and ignore the CSM.

uhhhh, what?

Why do you think that CCP ignored us? Because, nope, they didn’t. Not on the portal app.


Oh Crap.

And that instantly makes me worry.

Are there a lot of complaints about it not working properly?

Nice. Tell me, did Aryth steal your candy or something?

Anyhoo, The app does need some work (imho). Mostly things like taking it out of fullscreen, and working on the UX for evemail, which is somewhat lacking (it’s pretty much mirroring that of the original app, and just isn’t a good experience for someone coming to it fresh.)

And that’s before adding additional functionality.

And aside from revisiting how it’s built, as right now it’s excluding a bunch of not too old phones.

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No it is the fact that for over a decade the CSMs primary function has been to placitate the customers when CCP make a major screw up rather than CCP bring in real customer service and beyond that the CSM has been responsible for what turned null into a candy theme park with less threat than Hi-sec.

I am sure you love being on the CSM but it is a detriment to the game and has been for years. Which is why they seem to now be moving in the right direction but I lose all hope when I hear the CSM was involved.

I have seen no problems with the app I can send and open email just fine, adding and removing skill points works great, character sheet shows all my stats like the old Eve portal the only thing I have seen is that it sometimes loads slowly but that is from my bad cell service🙂

Will the app be available for android oreo at some point ?

I am not sure a developer might be able to tell you more about that, I am just a newb with an app :smiley:

By the way welcome to the forum.

Ty for the welcome. And yea I made another post in there Dev beta blog and told them it wasn’t compatible with my phone

Sadly Android 10 is not supported…

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