EVE PORTAL can do better

Why not planetary interaction?
Seems like a great addition to the app and will give it life.

Why only plex store?
Why can’t you excess your outstanding orders?
View the market.

The app is very limited, though better then nothing, it connects to your characters fast and easy, and gives you some info, BUT as the app of the most special game in the world i do believe it can and should do more!


EVE Portal is a portal, not a game. If you’ve looking for a full fledged mobile game they did release a thing called EVE Echoes.

PLEX makes CCP money, so it’s to their advantage to make easy access to the things people spend PLEX on - New Eden Store and Skill extractors/injectors.

I agree it would be nice to view the market but there are already 3rd party services that fulfill this and it’s probably not high on CCP’s list of improvements to make.

Overall I’m glad they have an official app that allows this kind of interaction at all. Before the EVE Poral app doing things like checking your wallet, mail, skills, etc were through 3rd party apps. Being able to read and send evemail and re-arrange my skill queue from your phone is already a big step forward.


I’m not sure how I feel about this. Like, I haven’t done P.I. in a long while because it’s kind of boring, and not how I want to spend my time in game. But, I probably would start doing it again if I could manage all my planets while while taking a dump, or whatnot. Of course, if it would encourage me to get back into P.I., then it might encourage others as well, which could cause the price of P.I. to fall.

But, i.d.k. Just thinking out loud, I guess.

If anything they should add Project Discovery to EVE Portal. It’s something you can do in game while docked, so why not?


Good point.

I tend to agree here.

I’d like to see some ability to manage corp stuff on the app, as a CEO it’d be handy to be able to write and send bulletins for example while not logged in directly to the game.


I’ve never actually done PI, but don’t you need to be undocked to do that?

Доьрый день! Почему бы не добавить функцию рынка в приложении Eve portal? Хотя бы для просмотра цен.

Not trying to be rude, but Unless you are in a language specific forum, the rest of the forum is English.

@Spitfire1938 Yes most of PI stuff is undocked.

То, что написал Geo Eclipse Oksaras, в целом верно, поскольку преобладающим языком на форумах по умолчанию является английский. Сказав это, я думаю, что для людей нормально использовать язык, который им удобен, поскольку использовать Google Translate довольно просто.

В любом случае, я подумал, что поприветствую вас (учитывая тот факт, что вы публикуете это впервые).


Then it makes sense that PI wouldn’t be on the portal app, you shouldn’t be able to do things out of game that you have to be undocked to do. With Project Discovery you can do it safely docked up, so it makes mores sense that if anything was added to EVE Portal it would be that.

Some base functions of PI are doable when docked, such as resetting the gatherers. Technicallly this part of PI could be added to the EVE portal.

However, I’d prefer PI not to be too easy and accessible, because PI is barely worth doing it as it is now and such a change will make competition even worse.

It would make sense to add PD though! No need to be undocked, no skill requirements and no competitive advantage.

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I like the app. Atm I don’t have a running pc. This means I can train into things faster. Especially if I want to join elite corps. I mean I’ve had over 4 years out of the game so this works for me

Hello! Thank you for your feedback and we have delivered it to our dev team.

I actually really like the idea of project discovery on the app - especially considering the fact that it is a crowd sourced scientific thing, and the real purpose of it is participation. The rewards are okay, and I don’t think making it accessible outside of the client would create any edge cases.

Allowing players to participate in real-world scientific discovery from the phone, sounds like just a good thing.

Just my two cents though.

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You also should be able to cancel and create market orders in the system you’re in and queue skills. The last one would be VERY useful if you’re say at holiday or have some IRL stuff to manage and have no time for EVE (or if you are in prison and don’t have acces to a PC). That way you could keep training skills.


I do Project Discovery ingame. I personally don’t believe you should be able to do it in the app, although I think you should be able to see what level you’ve reached ingame.

The app is good. It’s really a character status report, you can’t and shouldn’t be able to play Eve from it, or make isk. The only thing you can really do is shuffle skills and do plex and skill injectors but those are mainly about character management, not gameplay.

I prefer to use Neocom II though, because it has some things Portal doesn’t, so as daily Eve player it is more useful/more complete. However if CCP added the following, most of which Neocom has, it would be my go to app as obviously it’s the official one:

• Database search (any object) - to bring up info/requirements etc
• My contracts (view statuses, not create/update/delete)
• My market orders (view statuses, not create/update/delete)
• Fitting Editor/Fitting builder
• PI status would be good
• Project Discovery Level/Progress
• The ability to switch jump clones (in current station, not to jump clone to another location).

I’d say the above is broadly in line with Portal’s current style. I add the last one because the number of times I’ve forgotten to get into my training clone (and realise once I’m safely tucked up in bed) and if you could switch that remotely that would be super useful. I think a fitting editor would be useful to theorycraft while you’re not ingame, it’s not really ‘playing’ it’s more an admin task ingame so making it available out of game works I think.

I agree, CCP could do better BUT it’s all about dev resource. I’m sure we’d all prefer the focus to be on the game itself, over the app.