Eve portal, corp chat

Hello so just want to say first of all the game has improved a hell of a lot since I played years and years ago. And if this post is in the wrong section I do apologise.

This portal app is amazing but I think it lacks a chat feature. Would it be possible to add a corporation chat section? I know a lot of people use discord and other apps, but I think being able to talk to Corp members from the app would be useful to thousands of players.

Example: log on the app check Corp chat. Oh our structure is under attack or a scout has told us there’s a fleet heading towards our system. I can log on. Without the need of switching through apps to check things on the fly.

Thanks for reading I hope we can get this added soon.

Ps if it’s already added I’m sorry for being blind. Though I’m 80% sure there’s no feature like this.


Seconded! I actually came here because I was lying in bed and feeling socially deprived (yes I know how it must look to come here for conversation); it would be awesome to chat with my corpmates from anywhere instead of just at my desk!


I think chat needs to be fixed before it is added to the Portal app - as it is, connection to chat from in-game frequently dies, lags, or bugs out and shows inaccurate data. Until we have a stanle chat platform, placing more load on the chat server is just asking for trouble.

Out-of-game services like Discord also provide a lot of benefits that corp chat presently does not (even in-game), like the ability to send push-notifications for CTAs (if enabled by the server and the individual members), so I definitely encourage all corps to set up Discord servers (they are free!) for that type of utility. Yes, you can ise EVEMail instead, but most players are likely to gag EVEMail alerts since there are no ‘do not send an alert for messages from people not in my corp/addressbook’ rules.

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Hello! Thank you for contacting us and we have delivered your suggestion to the dev team. Fly safe. o7


Give us Corp chat !!)

While I agree corp chat as an addition to the app, I feel if going that far should also be able to use all in game chats thru the app. It’s a great idea even just for/alliance chats but also info chat channels as well.

Most of use use as few as 2 to 5 or more channels, it’s nice being able to touch base through my phone.


I agree 100% that it should be added at least the corp chat. We do use discord but the feature would be handy while multitasking. For example, my adhd lets me auto haul or mine sometimes while doing other menial tasks around the house and being able to keep up with corp chat on my mobile phone saves the distraction of having to walk back to the computer to communicate

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