Eve Portal doesn't work if phone is in French

Hello Everyone,

I just came back to Eve after… 10 years out, and had the pleasure to use Eve Portal to check everything i need and get notified.
Since last week, and a little update (few kb) i’m not able to launch the app, it say the file is corrupt and put the error P100901

I see here that some people in the past years got some kind of error like that, and most of them put screenshot with French error message. So I put my phone in English, and the app work smoothly.
Going back to french broke it again.

Do you think we will get any support/patch/anything from that in the coming day ?
Hope my “investigation” work, since i sent maybe 3 or 4 report by email, updating my ios for everything, trying with ipad with the same behavior…

Thanks everyone.

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Ok i found a way.
Putting the iphone in english, launching app, forcing the app in deutschland, puting the iphone in french, relaunching the app, forcing the app in english, and now it’s fix

“Voilà” if another french guy is stuck, this is the way.

Mouarf… Ça ma l’air quand même un peu chiant comme manip à faire… En tout cas content de voir que je suis pas le seul… Down depuis 2 weeks après une MAJ

En vrai sur iOS c’est relativement simple, le changement de langue systeme ne nécessite pas de reboot, c’est un coup de 5/10 minutes.

Par contre, je n’ai plus aucune notifications, toutes mes dépenses d’ISK ou Skills ne remontent plus, on perd beaucoup, j’espère un petit patch correctif bientôt.

Merci !

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