EvE "Purge"

Absolutely! Without us the ‘Mighty PvP players’ who scorn and exclusively go after the PVE players would have no one to build self pride upon. We are here for ya! Glad to provide content you can handle.

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Does not make CCP a penny and is in fact a source of the play to pay part of the game that veteran players who no longer need to spend money on the game take most advantage, second only to the botters/RMT farmers side of game who farm exclusively off the benefit of paying for their game time with ISK not actual money. Meaning less players who could play the game legitimately using their ISK to buy PLEX than the hordes of alts and bots who will buy up most PLEX supply for themselves always inflating it’s value out of control beyond what modest value it would have if only more individual players solely bought PLEX with their ISK.

One can even make the argument that banning thousands of bots just further fuels the economy of PLEX out of control as much as it’s continual usage to that effort does overtime. New bots means rebuilding accounts means buying up massive sums PLEX, MCT, Injectors/Extractors, mostly with ISK but even when it is actual cash it is just CCP recovering a small sum of the profit these bots made for themselves in the longer term before getting caught.

No not anymore and one day it won’t even be worth it to spend 20$ for 2bil as even that will be a value of the past when we will still have been lucky to buy 500 PLEX in game with 2 billion ISK. By my estimates, not far off and without the downturn in the economy from blackout it is possible 500 PLEX would be worth much more than 2 bil already. Hard to say but for sure the inflation has been sandbagged in the recent season of game play (or lack there of) but it is only a matter of time before momentum picks up again in that direction.

Materials can be bought and create an effort of relying on others to produce those materials and even with only using one clone at a time an endless amount of alts can be be invested into the actual production part of industry.

I know some people think that it is a hassle they can only manage so many alts multiboxed at a time that they think CCP should allow/ignore input broadcasting to make it more convenient for these players but again this is just an end result of one player replacing the activity of what would usually take dozens of single individuals who do not play like that to do themselves. Working together instead of just for themselves to earn gross amount of wealth that they never need to pay for the game ever again.

Most if not almost all players who play like this do not pay subscriptions, they can earn endless ISK so to them spending any money on the game is the ultimate failure of anything they do. They don’t need dozens of players to assist them in mining, they just need a secure umbrella to mine out entire systems to themselves while nobody is bothering them. Preferring to be alone as involving others just makes their operation more risky for themselves being only one player managing so many accounts. The last thing they are looking for is to defend themselves, their ultimate goal is to mine as much as possible and get to safety whenever a threat appears. Avoiding any PvP so as not to motivate players looking for it to ever come back, they can dock up for hours if they have to as it does not take them long to get serious value out of their minimum required activity.

Again, ignoring that the current Tranquility is 16 years old of wealth and assets piling up. Even what you see on the markets now is but the tip of the iceberg in what stockpiles these same traders have. When they have gained so much that even trying to sell what they have on the market all at once is counter productive to future value of their sales. When trying to seek profit is counterproductive to the long term goal of only moving assets when they are their most profitable. Many players have nothing but time, isk and net worth into the trillions and sheep will only ever focus on what they see in front of them.

This isn’t 2004 anymore, you can’t deny things have changes in 16 years even without considering tranquility’s history, the game has changed not just the players and what they have gained.

Yet where most players are is just a dead end of grinding, always trying to find a lower point of game play discovering that there is no bottom it just keeps going deeper and deeper until they themselves have lost all meaning in their time playing focused more on the accumulation of wealth and assets rather than experience and skill as a player.

Yes, I can see that this is your position, no need to remind me I already understand your motivations clearly at this point. Change is your enemy and giving it any credence is a pain for you. Fight all you will but change will come one day, one way or another.

What guarantee? Your attitude or belief? I think less that speak up are more optimistic and willing than yourself to try new things. I have gotten used to the minority of incompetent opinions that explore only what they accept as truth with no room for question or debate. I am not one of those individuals and even if change is not to my benefit I am still willing to accept and allow it for the greater good of all players and the game if it comes as a cost to myself.

Again, you are entitled to your opinion. I do not deal in absolutes and I have all the proof I need from my own experiences to consider otherwise. I am not afraid to question what I think and change my mind when I need to but I cannot go back to thinking so inwardly when I have seen the possibilities for myself that change can be a good thing.

The problem with logic is that it all depends on what the individual takes as truths to determine another truth, unfortunately most of what we know or believe to be true is merely limited by how much me know already and accept as truth. Without imagination you cannot create new theories you have not yet seen for yourself until they have been experimented with but first new ideas must bring about such experiments.

Einstein didn’t theorize relativity based on what he knew for certain at the time, everything he was taught told him the opposite to be true and so did all his peers. He could only imagine possibilities not yet realized. Realizing that he was only certain there was something he just did not know yet and it had to be discovered to come up with never before understood truths. Which would eventually be validated by peers who experimented with his theories later on.

No they probably won’t. Players can use multiple computers and scramble their IPs but they can design the game to not allow multiple clients and launchers to run at the same time on a single device. Obviously they would have to allow multiple players in a household to be able to play on different computers but it would be more difficult for one person to multibox and/or input broadcast many accounts and clones at the same time, even on different devices and IP without likely drawing suspicion unless they were all performing different activities while interacting with other players simultaneously.

The only reason it is so hard to enforce against botting on tranquility as is comes from the fact that it is acceptable for players to be able to multibox as many clones as they possibly can at the same time. Making it almost impossible with developed input broadcasting to tell if these multibox users are botting or not.

It is very easy to suspect players of botting/input broadcasting in Eve but hard to prove it because multiboxing is perfectly allowed and input broadcasting can be programmed to mimic exactly the way a player would perform actions themselves.

Lots of people already can get screwed over and many who cheat get away with it because at the end of the day it is only what CCP can prove to themselves beyond a suspicion not always hard evidence. Sometimes they basically have to decide if a player is cheating or not and ban them, accepting that some may be innocent multiboxers and others will get away with continuing what they do.

If multiboxing itself was also prohibited it would make botting/input broadcasting much more difficult than it is now and catching players cheating a lot easier.

Lolwut? Are you ****ing kidding? You do know where PLEX comes from, right? It only exists because someone paid cash for it. The buying/selling of ISK just changes which player is paying the cash to CCP. In fact, PLEX makes more money than a conventional subscription because the cash price to buy enough PLEX for a subscription is higher than the cash price of buying a subscription directly.

Also, the only thing better than PLEX at 2 billion ISK for a month is PLEX at 10 billion ISK for a month. It’s great for those of us with nice jobs and a shortage of time to spend on farming. The more ISK I can get for $20 the more time I can spend doing fun things while some poor unemployed loser does my farming for me.

No they probably won’t. Players can use multiple computers and scramble their IPs but they can design the game to not allow multiple clients and launchers to run at the same time on a single device.

Spotted the person who has no clue about the subject they’re talking about. CCP can’t prevent you from running multiple clients on a single device because virtual machines are a thing. The only way to prevent multiboxing would be to block it at the IP address level, but then you’re right back to banning multiple players in the same household.

PLEX comes from people who pay CCP real money for it, but not all PLEX that gets sold for ISK in game goes to normal players.

Every single month thousands of bots, potentially even more bots than actual players who spend ISK on PLEX buy up all that supply of new PLEX introduced to the market. This makes sure that the value of PLEX can never drop as the demand always keeps up with supply and botters can always buy more PLEX than they need as the ISK spent on PLEX to run their accounts is just a small fraction of the profit they gain through out the month farming ISK. They can even in turn sell the PLEX they bought with ISK for RMT.

So when they do get caught and lose everything they can spend a small part of their profit farming with bots to buy PLEX for more ISK to buy injectors/MCTs, whatever they need from CCP or the Eve economy to replace their bot farms, either with ISK they didn’t lose or real money from farming ISK or PLEX bought with ISK they sold in game to other players. Meaning more bots for you to compete with selling your own PLEX for ISK and more of your PLEX that you sell fueling bots accounts instead of players for you to go out and shoot at.

Veteran players pride themselves on their superior self sufficiency in having achieved massive wealth over long term success they can use to support their game play. At some point when the cost just gets too ridiculous for them to compete with endless infinite bots who can farm and pay any amount of ISK for PLEX, they have to choose: quit, start botting themselves, learn how to shell out more of their own money to keep playing as their in game wealth becomes less and less valuable in an inflating PLEX economy.

If you took botting out of the equation completely than the only thing that would stop prices from dropping or allow them to inflate is players constantly buying up more PLEX for themselves than they need. Stockpiling massive amounts for themselves to push the price up as more of the remaining PLEX gets used up that would otherwise stabilize values per normal demand/supply.

This all happens anyways due to market speculation from wealthy players and bot farmers alike, without botting it may very well show that players buy a lot more PLEX with real money than they do with ISK. Meaning without the disproportion of wealth buying PLEX it would be a cheaper price for players to subscribe their accounts through game play right now.

Your idea is the higher the value of PLEX the better for you because you can’t make dick in ISK playing the game. You will get your higher value of PLEX eventually but guess what everything else will reflect this change in the cost of PLEX with ISK you will just get the price of everything inflating to compensate that rise in the cost of ISK for subscriptions because the value of how much ISK they are earning is that much more worthless. They are only going to be able to keep farming for you selling your PLEX to them if it is worth it for them to do that. So 5x the value of PLEX means 5x the cost of everything else in the game and you don’t achieve any real gain your just another pay to win chump who can only play because you throw massive sums of money at the game.

In the end all regular people who don’t use bots or massive multibox farming operations stop playing the game and you are stuck with your head up your arse buying PLEX to pay for ships just to go shoot bots farming who wont bother attacking you or giving you any mutual pvp. Making what you think is pvp is just more PvE and your ultimately in symbiosis with the bots themselves as you farm them for content they farm for you for their own profits except then the game won’t be left with any actual players who will shoot back. Might as well be playing a single player RTS at that point, you would save a lot more money than pretending to play an mmorpg without any real players to shoot at anymore.

Maybe that is what CCP should focus on in the future, a pay to play simulator where you can go try to gank bots before they can dock up and ignore you until you leave again.

Oh wait, they already have that. Congratulations!

Win Win for CCP and the bots get to make the money you spend on the game wasting your real life earning like a slave/loser you think people who don’t buy PLEX in this game are because they are that good at the game they don’t need to buy ISK they can earn it playing the way they want/choose themselves.

I think your right though CCP probably does make more money selling PLEX than subscriptions it is a meme in this game the massive loss of pay to win players who lose ISK as quickly as they gain it through purchases.

Good job, you have won playing Eve by shelling out 20$ for every 2bil you lose to other players. This must make you an exceptionally cautious and skilled player depending on how much you can spend all the time.

Uh but I guess when there is nobody left in the game to kill your ships then you are only left shooting bots and CCP doesn’t make any money selling PLEX anymore.

Game Over!

The End.


Still your making the grave assumption that the only way they can tell if someone is input broadcasting or botting is because of IPs or how clients operate on one PC. I made these suggestions but ultimately your right they can still be worked around and we would be left with the only way anyone can suspect a person of these kind of activities the way we do now…by observing their game play.

Even if you work around all the technical details of operating those accounts all from the same device/IP you still can’t hide how obvious it is if your running dozens of accounts to do the same thing while your in game unless each clone is performing different activities simultaneously on their own without any interaction between actual players. No more silent, monotonous, input broadcast or otherwise fleets of ships performing the same activities together. The usual tell tale sign of this kind of activity.

The bread crumbs of activity would still reveal themselves the same way they do now how CCP catches these bots in the first place but without multiboxing being an accepted activity it would make it even harder to mask that you aren’t cheating even without knowing for sure your using bots or input broadcasting.

Multi-boxing accounts is really easy to pick up on the only trouble is actually proving if they are bots or using input broadcast. Outlaw multibox and you don’t even need to prove that much just that they are all the same accounts/clones used by one person.

It won’t make it impossible to still bot/multibox/input but it will sure as hell make it a lot harder.

How about 1 time in your annual subscription you can use an invulnerable shield on a shuttle and go anywhere in Eve you want to explore other types of space.

This would allow the care bears (of which I am one) to see what the rest of eve looks like, the way the systems are setup, the routes in that space and maybe encourage folks like me to move to another kind of space.

Why not just go there in a shuttle… what have you got to loose?

You can lose 45 minutes. Happened to me, i was trying to get to a certain system through null. I was 4 jumps away from my destination when I got caught in a bubble gate camp. Tried to crash the gate- but shuttles die really fast. Had to start my journey all over again. So annoying.

If you want see something funny just put low sec system between the four empire ^^

love this idea

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