EVEMon 4.0.11 - ESI Edition

(Bruce Warhead) #185

I talked to the write or jeveassets previously and the told me it is only falling back on the webhelper if it can’t start the local server :wink:

(Jordan Calleste) #186

Thanks a lot for putting this back to work, great work man!

I am not getting notifications on the market orders (expired or fullfilled), everything else seems to work perfectly. Orders are from stations, not citadels.

Is this a known problem or some individual problem i have?

(Lutamonie) #187

This actually was fresh EVEMON installation on fresh installation of W10 on fresh work notebook :). But thanks for a hint, will keep it in mind for future.

(Quizzicality) #188

Thank you SO much. I’ve been trying so hard to find a replacement for EVEMon and nothing comes close. You’re my hero. <3

(Peter Han) #189

Version 4.0.3 has been released, with updated links in the original post. Users of version 4.0.1 or later will receive an automatic update prompt.

This release fixes many bugs and crashes; thanks to all in the community who reported bugs and contributed fixes for some of them. In addition, private citadels have been significantly improved which should improve industry jobs and market orders at these locations.

(oehTaToe) #190

i get the popup, but immediately after clicking the download button it fails… update cannot be downloaded…

i’ll reinstall fresh but maybe something to look at…

(oehTaToe) #191

upgraded… btw i still get errors retrieving data causing the skill que or for example the amount of isk my chars have to not update. Is there a way to see why this happens?

(Vathroen Eistiras) #192

THANNKK YOU so much guys for resurrecting this wonderful tool. I only just started playing Eve again this week and was saddened when I read somewhere that development had stopped on the old version. How delighted I was after Googling some more that I found this page.

Eve is not complete without EVEMon. Keep up the fantastic work! You guys deserve a supercluster to be named after you

(Thanos Callaran) #193

I found the reason characters are loaded twice on startup, but it’s not a good one.
With a bit of luck it will be fixed in next release.

(Nighthunter85) #194

“EVEMon did not receive a valid response from the CCP SSO server”

Wat do?

(Krysenth) #195

Give it time-

It’ll get sorted out at some point.

(Sally Kafferton) #196

@Peter_Han – Could you open up the GitHub issue tracker, and maybe set up a contrib guideline in the repo wiki (or anywhere)? There are folks who would certainly be keen to contribute, or at least report bugs in a structured location (ergo, the repo issue tracker).

(Lucian Thorundan) #197

Hey, i had this issue when my secret was wrong (from the application bit under options/network. I couldn’t paste it in as the field on the EVE site has some whitespace and a new line. Paste it into notepad, trim that off and you can paste it into evemon no problem, worked once i’d fixed that.

(Gallente Citizen 1455207927) #198

Just wanted to say thank you for creating v4, I was really struggling without Evemon since it stopped working.


(Veryez) #199

Is there a way to manually input API keys, the login button just loads an error page?

(jita lolol) #200

api keys are dead

(Veryez) #201

Ok, here’s what’s happening:

following the directions in https://peterhaneve.github.io/evemon-esi

When I get to the last step to add a character, it takes me to an error 400 page. So I have my account set up as described, but EvEMon can’t find my characters. How do I get my characters into EvEMon?

Edit - Got it to work, apparently I had left unchecked one ESI that EvEMon was looking for, thus generating a very strange 400 error. If this happens to anyone else, triple check you have all the required ESI’s checked.

(Uthgood Furfoot) #202

have I overlooked it somewhere, my outward daily use for evemon is keeping track of my next billing date…was listed in the previous versions, any chance of having it added?

and thanks for easing my non-eve life by being able to keep track of my toons

(Alexander Sinclair) #203

EveMon is hung up oh a skill for one of my characters again Minmatar Tactical Destroyer 5 and any skill after it keeps popping up as being recently completed even though they been completed long ago or recently, everytime I got a popup notification of skill being competed it runs downs the list since the M T D 5 skill had been compted I am up to 7 supposedly recently completed skills, how do I file this as a official bug reports?

(SoulSeeker) #204

Just curious if its possible to have a like — Create a New Char feature where it just loads up a basic character with the basic set of skills to do say… Fresh char to titan pilot kind of skill plans and injector plans?

Instead of actually having to create a char and ESI it as well