Evermillion Industries is looking to shake up Industrialist corporations!

There was a time in EVE when Insutrialist corps could simply head out into a belt, keep an eye on local, and listen to some fresh tunes while mining up big hauls of Gneiss. Unfortunately, those days have past us - the ever-real threat of pirates, trolls, and rival corporations makes unorganized mining efforts more dangerous than profitable. These days, in order to run a truly successful Industrial corporation, you need more than just good intentions. You need leadership, you need to synergize with your fellow corp members, you need to be able to respond to threats of force with a little bit of force of your own. It seems that most Indy corps haven’t gotten with the times, however, because everywhere I go or look, it’s just a bunch of miners running around like headless chickens, waiting for the next corp moon mining op.

That’s why I decided to form Evermillion Industries. Evermillion is a brand-new corp designed to truly help its members make the most out of every aspect of EVE’s Industrialist operations. We perform mining ops in both secure and unsecure space, securing resources of all kinds to help our membership make some ISK on their downtime or gather whatever they need for their manufacturing. Evermillion also puts some heavy focus on Exploration, gathering the incredibly valuable resources from cosmic sites to both earn some capital and save up for manufacturing.

But, that’s not all. Members of Evermillion believe that proper logistics plays an incredibly huge role in a successful Industrial corporation. Planetary Interaction is conducted in several systems, primarily in a wormhole that is occupied only by Evermillion Industries. Each week, as members prepare their major PI hauls, Evermillion provides free transportation for their goods, making sure they leave the hidden wormhole safely. We also have an open spreadsheet available where corp members can offer and request PI materials with one another, allowing for additional stages of productivity for everyone’s planets. After all, why manage everything on your own when you can have a friend pick up the slack in another department?

We believe that’s the whole point of Industrial corporations. You’re not supposed to be gathering all your manufacturing and ISK-making materials on your own; we’re a team, a band of entrepreneurs helping each other make the most money possible. And, hey, if that means we conquer a system or two later on down the line to broaden our money-making opportunities, then so be it.

Corp members should be good-humored, easy-going individuals that understand the importance of proper logistics without being super high-strung about things. This corp is looking for members 21 and older, but we will make exceptions under special circumstances if applicants can make a strong case for themselves. This corp has a zero-tolerance policy on derogatory slurs, but we cuss all the ■■■■■■■ time, so don’t worry if you’ve got a foul mouth. We’re not the PC Police, but we don’t allow hate-speech here.

If you are interested in Evermillion Industries, respond to me via the forums, direct messaging, or in-game as Victoria Amoji. Our corp uses Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Discord to help coordinate our efforts and access easily usable but versatile comms systems. Our corp focuses on networking, making use of the wide variety of tools available today that simply weren’t commonplace or usable back in the 2000’s. We also have video chat nights and watch streams together!

If you think this corporation has everything you’re looking for, give us a try!

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this format is hard to read on a mobile, my friend

Yeah, dunno why the format didn’t take the first time around, so I just did a cheap fix for now.

In case anyone was wondering what sort of immediate resources a brand new corporation has to offer, EI already has 2 active Athanors online. We have a moon popping tonight, and another next Monday. We also have a pair of Orcas at each Athanor to assist with full mining fleets once we’ve gotten enough people out there to actually make them worth it. EI also has a wormhole where we’re alone, so we are currently building an extensive system of tax-free POCOs, stations, and support for Planetary Interaction. I didn’t just form this corp on a whim… I built the structure first. We’re ready to start larger operations as soon as we get the bodycount.


Lookin good now

Evermillion just had its first moon mining operation last night. Estimated Ore yield was just over 3 billion ISK! That’s going to help us pick up another Athanor and Orca once we finish mining it all up.

Evermillion has just opened up its first Raitaru! Our services are rapidly expanding within our first week of operation. Fingers crossed the momentum will continue!

Evermillion Industries is carving out a nice, profitable niche for ourselves in our little corner of space, and you can join in! The foundations for an effective logistics system is here; all that’s missing is you!

Giving us a bump! Of course we’re still around, we’re holding more frequent mining ops, and we have just put in place an ore buyback program!

Hello. I’m kind of a noob still (returning after a year off) looking to get back into the game. Mining and Indy toon in need of guidance and mentorship.

Still recruiting players, with a emphasis on Barge and Exhumer pilots.

Hello, I’m a fresh noob but have been following the happenings of the game for a while now- I am wondering whether Evermillion would be able to show me the roots of the industrial game and in return I’d pledge my eternal allegiance. I would direct message you but as of now I’m not quite sure how to :innocent:.

I’d be happy to reach out via discord (Lord Kittishima#5677)


Hello, I am definitely interested in your corp. I am currently a barge pilot working towards orca and also moon mining. Let me know if I fit the bill and hopefully get things started.

Still recruiting players, with a emphasis on Barge and Exhumer pilots.

bump, still recruiting players, ALPHA and OMEGA!

Bump for more players!!

Do you do mining ops etc between say 17:00 and 20:00 eve time. From the info i can see you don’t seem to be an EU TZ corp, I am in the UK.

Bump up for more players

Bump up for more players

Hi, I’m a returning player. I’ve been on and off since 2004. Looking for a chill corp to build a sand castle with.

Do you have an public channel?

Bumping up for looks.