Evesetup - How to install and run EVE using the Linux Launcher

For some years i have start to write this setup script package because i was to lazy to install EVE Online the UniWiki way which is ofc a possibility to install EVE but handels only the launcher itself without some supporting tasks (like creating desktop launcher and so on). Other reasons for this project are

  • Download the actual version of the linux launcher and the DXVK package during installation

  • Setup the launcher itself following FHS compliance (so far as possible)

  • Perform additional tasks (create desktop launcher for launcher, backup, usefull wine utilities for EVE)

  • Create a environment to run EVE Online using external WINE

  • Integrate DXVK into this environment without user interaction

  • Import game data (Shared Cache files) from other installations, if they exists (Linux Only)

Prerequisites for using evesetup (some of these will be checked by installation) are

  • A decent linux installation, using 64bit architecture

  • Driver for graphics hardware with vulkan support

  • Installed Wine with 64bit support

  • 7z for backup and restore utility

  • Curl download utility

On ARCH based distributions just install the package with an AUR helper or build the package with makepkg in the extracted source directory which can be downloaded from AUR

All other distributions like DEBIAN or REDHAT based ones can use the sources from AUR too after building an installer from these with following commands

Download and extract the sources

curl -O https://aur.archlinux.org/cgit/aur.git/snapshot/evesetup.tar.gz 
tar xvf evesetup.tar.gz
cd evesetup

If you have downloaded evelauncher and dxvk before just copy these archives in the evesetup folder to integrate them into the setup package (optional)

Build the selfextracting setup package with the integrated QT-Runtime using makeself with


If you want to use the QT-Runtime installed by your distribution make sure, she are version 5.12 or newer with


In this case will the build script download all needed archives (launcher and dxvk) to strip not necessary files from the setup package

Based on what setup package you have build before use one of the following commands to install evesetup

sudo ./evesetup-<LAUNCHER_VERSION>-X-x86_64.run
sudo ./evesetup-lite-<LAUNCHER_VERSION>-X-x86_64.run

During the setup process the setup will test and warn about missing dependencies which must be installed before running the setup again.

For uninstall evesetup just run the setup package again to remove it from your system (except user settings which can removed with

rm -rf $HOME/.cache/CCP
rm -rf $HOME/.config/CCP
rm -rf $HOME/.local/share/CCP
rm -rf $HOME/.local/lib/EVE

I hope, this package will be usefull to some one.

– fly safe o7

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