EveSkillboard Shutdown on Jan 1 2022

EveSkillboard will be shutting down January 1 2022. Like most Eve Devs I no longer play Eve and do not wish to prolong support. It has been a wild ride, and I want to thank everyone for supporting my site in the years it has served the community.

Squizz does offer skillq.net that allows you to publicly share skills via url.

If any other alternatives pop up by Jan 1 I will share them here.

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Maybe many of the people here dont know me, i am the owner of esiknife.com, a tool to evaluate characters, and no affiliate to ant group as goons, brave, horde et al. The problem is us need the option evskillboard do to Plan characters and sell characters.

With these news, i plan to do an option to the current eveskillboard.com, in esiknife.com with subdirectory. Example :

EveSkillboard - Inactive Seller to


reason :

Currently have This : https://esiknife.com/knife/knife_NTY5YzFiMmIxODU5YjFjY2JjMzI1Nj.html

I bought and sell dozens maybe few hundreds of characters but dont use this char to do so.

For an alternative We need :

  • Skills display
  • Jump clones display
  • Ships and time to use
  • Reputations.

is this right ?

I plan to have a demo sunday.

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We at the United Standings Improvement Agency relied mostly on skills and the standings page mostly for running our services.

@Inactive_Seller if you would be able to somehow create something similar with just these

  • esi-skills.read_skills.v1 – Read all your skills
  • esi-characters.read_standings.v1 – Read your NPC/Faction standings

we would greatly appreciate it.

Ok, i go to work in that. check this:

is an example of the standings i have . This character was me, and i sell it.

I like it… I’d like to invite you to our discord discord.unitedstandings.org so some more senior staff and our esteemed leader can chat with you

Yeah, i enter tomorrow. Have other things to do before.

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hey man, thanks for all your years of service and help!

Any interest in handing it off to an experienced IT person?


Not at this time. Thanks for the offer

I am working in get parity of features with eveskillboard.com is work in progress currently.

Some Things to do (not in order):

  • ship section
  • jump clone section
  • beautify
  • token JWT
  • refresh button
  • password / erase
  • path / 404 page.

at the moment you can see the example in https://esiknife.com/pilot/

Is work in progress !

Can i request this thread pinned for the importance ?

I’ve been using eveskillboard for years, you have left a major impact in the ease of access when helping new players sort out what they can do with their skills. I genuinely appreciate that you’ve been willing to support this site for so long, and I hope you’re enjoying what you’ve moved on to. Thank you for your insane contributions to this game!