Extremely Active, Established NullSec Community, I-FED - Legacy - EU/US/AU TZ


We are a very large and active multi time zone online gaming community where it’s all about eve online , mainly consisting of Gamers , Nerds , and Geeks of all nationalities it’s a very fun place to be

[I-FED] is a place for these people to thrive and enjoy the game in the safe company of other such people , And where you can join in with a Multitude of Activities , From Dread Bombs , to Mining OPS , From Capital Production , To full scale Invasions of Sov space with thousands of other nerds


Belong to a massive online group , come fight for the Empire , Join us and become an imperial shock trooper

Fight beside hundreds of other like minded nerds in the constant battle that is the North Vs South , Using superior Tactics and weaponry to destroy our enemies , From the humble bomber , To the Super Capital As an Imperial pilot you will use them all ( see videos below

Our community has been active well over 12 years now , and our corp was started in 2007 , in that time we have seen so much change in eve and we have adapted with it , evolved with it , and together as a team thrived in it
Being part of a community means , that we as hardcore gamers understand that most of us spend our waking hours online in games like eve online , We understand the kinship you seek , whether that means u wake up at 4 am cos you cant sleep?? there will be someone online for you to chat to . we are a propper family

Over the years our corp has built outposts , held control of large areas of null and shot ■■■■ up all across New Eden from the north to the south . we have access to daily/nightly ops by our Alliance friends , We are part of Legacy which is the largest coalition of players in eve , that are PvP an PVE orintated, currently Our corp is based in the Southern part of EvE in 0.0 (Feythabolis) and our current corp goal is to grow into a PVP / PVE powerhouse, infact we’ve been fighting for about 11 years now

Currently in our primetimes of EU and US we have about 30 people online in chat but we are very interested in Expanding our ranks to you if you like blowing up space pixels or just want to be apart of a decent online community. ( Active 24 hours a day )

What we do

Our chilled corp , does a bit of everything , exploration , Complexs from 6/10 to the hard but lucrative 10/10’s all

We also do deployments where we go to a region anywhere in eve and set up and FOB from which we smash the granny out of our targets ( we just finnished a deployment against gotg in which we won ) we use alot of different doctrines from small ships like ceptars and bombers to mess around with . To ships like the humble munin and abbaddon with logistics and we also use capitals to smash bigger targets up quite alot of the time . so caps and supers are used alot in our ops too

In-fact we don’t do PAPs

Alliance fleet warfare where we go out in very organized PvP fleets with special doctrines that kick the **** out of anything in our way can be extremely fun - our FC’s are super awesome in that respect and 9 times out of ten u will have fun

Having fun is the aim of the game - so whether you wanna make Isk or PvP with a bunch of good people come and give us a try , we are new bro friendly so if your new we will help you see eve from a different perspective and help you grow into what you wanna be , miners who want boosted fleets also welcome . we have everything out here , join our online community

*** What we require to join**

  • We ask that you can fly either a combat carrier / rorqual or a fax machine

  • The ability to use voice coms ( Teamspeak)

  • Being able to support yourself is a bonus but we do supply ships for corp ops ( corp insured )

  • To be respectful of others as we also have more than a few a few ladies

  • Active Kill board history or at least a keen willingness to learn how to pvp

  • Especially looking for Capital - Bomber - Intercepter - Battleship - Rorqual Pilots

*** What we can offer you!!!**

  • Very Chilled and friendly corp
  • 0.0 space with the BEST Plexs
  • Ship Replacement scheme for pvp losses
  • Target rich environment
  • Ship Replacement Program
  • Extremely Profitable 0.0 and LOW TRUESEC ( -1.0 )
  • Be apart of a very efficient Alliance
  • Organised PvP at its best
  • A feeling of belonging somewhere
  • An abundance of DeD plexs to probe out and explore
  • Safe areas to PVE
  • Corp Capital fleet which is handed out free to members for ops
  • ABCM ores
  • SuperCap market
  • Sov wars
  • Low sec roams
  • Small scale roams
  • Pve fleets
  • Moon mining

Become an imperial shock troop Today

So if you are interested and would like to become one of us … just contact me in game Or join ImperiaI Federation channel ingame ,or join our Discord 24 hours a day

Sign up Today


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Very Good Bunch Of friendly Players here - always stuff to do :slight_smile: 8)


Well ive been flying with these guys for about 2 years now , very active very friendly and very fun , COME JOIN US TODAY!!!


come and join the madness people’s


Still looking for new bros and old alike to expand our community


So…I’m REALLY new to EVE. I have some ships and resources from when I dabbled in the game years ago…Are you still willing to let me join haha? :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway I want to join a fun corp to learn this game. Lemme know! Thanks mang


still looking for good bros



Yeah we like new bros , just because your new don’t mean you cannot be helpful or have fun yourself

Come give us a try new bro :slightly_smiling_face:


Just joined these guys and they are very active and a lot of fun to play with. Come check them out!


Thank you to all the guys who have joined our online family , its great having all these new voices to fly with in game

some FAQs

We have access to All imperium sov

Yes u can moon mine

Yes u can bring your alts

No u don’t have to sit on teamspeak all the time , but yes if u want to pvp u do

We use discord

Yes we high sec gank

Yes we have a jf service to our space

I hope that helps a few of you guys out and thank you once again for all the interest and applications so far , we still gave room for more guys to :grinning:


here is a link to lastnights fight - omg it was intense 5 titans down but well fun


we made the news again \o/


still looking for new doods


last night was fun

took out a small carcal roam - welped it

but then went out again and killed moros and a naglfar

we are still recruiting and looking for people who wanna make isk and pvp


Great group!
people have been very helpful from the moment I joined, definitely helped me get started with the game and there is a lot to do. very happy they invited me!


Chill Corp, really helped me get on my feet. Would definitely recommend for new players! lots of fun for veterans too, lots of PvP and PvE to be had.


Im quite new to this group but they are very friendly and helpful :):heart_eyes:


New to the corp. Seems like a great group, very helpful :wink: And a ton of content to be had :smiley:


We are still looking for more decent guys / gurls to join us