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(KiloAlpha) #364

(Sandwich NESS) #365

Hi there,

I actually have contacted one of the other corps in INIT before. At that time you guys were living in Querious and deployed in Fountain. It has been a year, so I just wanna know if that’s still the case

(KiloAlpha) #366

Hello mate , yes we still live in querious

Please contact me via convo or mail ingame and we can have a proper chat



(Sandwich NESS) #367

Thx for the reply, I will when it’s time for me to find a new home :smiley:

(Ben Olyn) #368


I’m still pretty new to the game. Interested in talking to someone about your corp. I’ll be online today in USTZ to join the channel.


(Banana 'Lama' SlamaYaMama) #369


please pop into our public channel and have a chat with someoe there or on our public discord :slight_smile:

we look forward to hearing from you


(KiloAlpha) #370

Lastnight 150+ caps destroyed

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Videos added

(KiloAlpha) #372

The imperium needs soldiers

Would you like to know more ?

(KiloAlpha) #373

Recruiting good players

(KiloAlpha) #374

march with the imperium war machine

(Drake Kershaw) #375


I’m a returning player that would like to join up with your corp. I mostly have done PVE, but have flown Caps in station shooting missions and would be interested in that again. I have 103 mil sp. Bave been away from the game for a while now, so I’d have to relearn a lot of stuff. I’m in US tz and will be on at different times on weekends but pretty dependably I’m be on nightly during the week.

Hit me up in game,

Drake Kershaw

(KiloAlpha) #376

hello mate

pop into our public channel and have a chat with one of the lads

if were not active in there join the public discord its active 24 hours a day

look forward to seeing u


(Drake Kershaw) #377

I am looking for the public channel. I joined “OWNED”. there’s no one in that channel. I’m not sure how i should contact you at this point.

(KiloAlpha) #378

Your probably in the wrong one mate , because there is always people in there , click my name , then the Corp icon and click the public channel in our Corp description , should everyone be afk u can always join the public discord which is manned 24 hours a day from that chat

Hope to see u soon

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(KiloAlpha) #380

So much fum flying with these guys

i get hard each night i login

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(KiloAlpha) #383

Still seeking more lads